Naved went to Muslim area and spoke against Hindus, he was shunned and thrown out

Famous radio jockey Naved went to a Muslim area and spoke against Hindus. Then he went to a Hindu temple and spoke against Muslims. He was shunned away from both the places and what happened next is what Indians are made of.

Buddha once said, “however many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?”

Popular radio jockey Naved went to a Muslim area and he spoke against Hindus over a fake phone call, as part of a social experiment. He verbally battered Hindus in front of Muslims.

He then went to a Hindu a temple and on another fake call, spoke against Muslims.

But at both the places, he got a response that was heart-warming. A response that makes us what we are first – Indians.

“Na Hindu na Musalman se darr lagta hai, mujhko toh in logo ke imaan se darr lagta hai. Naek bando ko toh bhagwan se darr lagta hai, mere bhagwan ko insaan se darr lagta hai,” a man tells Naved.



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