Nigerian televangelist randomly donates to Indian Muslim acid attack victim

By Hannah Tooley

A televangelist in Nigeria has donated around 12,000 (5 million Nigerian naira) to a Muslim acid attack victim in India after hearing about her case.

Pastor Joshua Iginla, Senior Pastor at Champions Royal Assembly in Kubwa, donated the funds 26-year-old Jamila Yusuf (pictured above) who was allegedly bathed with acid by her partner.

Speaking on his Facebook page, the pastor, who has never met the survivor, said: “I am not doing this for her because she is a member of my Church; I don’t know her from anywhere; she’s even a Muslim by religion!

“We are only doing this to preach love and not to convert her to Christianity, after her surgery in India, if she decides to remain a Muslim so be it.”

The Christian leader has also encouraged parishioners to donate towards the cause as the cost of surgery is expected to be more than his denotation.

He wrote to his almost 700,000 followers: “This is an opportunity to show love to your neighbour because she’s not a Christian; your neighbour must not necessarily come from your religion or ethnic group.”

The pastor, based in the capital, Abuja, said Jamila Yusuf had suffered chemical burns and would have to have surgery.

Pastor Joshua Iginla announced the donation for Ms Yusaf’s surgery at a church service.

Extracted frompremierchristianradio

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