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Together with the lessons we take from God Most High in the Qur’ān and from the words of the Beloved(peace be upon him) in the Sunnah and Companions(RA) – in the reports about Prophet Jesus(AS), the struggle (Jihad) of Prophet Jesus(AS), the lofty character of Prophet  Jesus(AS), the morals of Prophet Jesus(AS) ,the immense rank of Prophet Jesus(AS) before his Lord, the superlative knowledge of Prophet Jesus(AS) which he received from his Lord, in addition, we, the Muslims, have a special connection with a certain great mission of Jesus Christ(AS).
Among the major signs of the final Hour and among the keys of the huge deliverance that will dawn upon this Community of Islām, there will come a time on this earth when the call to the pre-morning prayer will be raised in Damascus – at a certain white minaret East of Damascus; the imām will want to step forward to lead the prayer when – lo and behold! – the people will watch in astonishment while Prophet Jesus(AS) descends from the heaven, his two hands resting on the wings of angels, his head seemingly dripping with water, wearing clothes which our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) described in great detail. He said that the color of his clothes resembled saffron dye, as if his clothes had been dyed with saffron and wars.►{Narrated from al-Nawwās ibn Sam‘ān al-Kilābī by Muslim, al-Tirmidhī, Ibn Mājah, Abū Dāwūd, and Ahmad}
Our Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) described for us the very appearance of the clothes in which Jesus (AS) would descend!
Such description signifies nothing other than additional emphasis on reflection, perception, and discernment (dhawq) for the meaning of our connection with this great master who was thus honored by his Lord.
The Descent of Jesus(AS)
Prophet Jesus(AS) will descend in Damascus.When the Imām Muhammad al-Mahdī – a scion of the Prophetic(peace be upon him and his family) House – sees him as he was readying himself to lead the prayer, he will move back and say to our Prophet Jesus(AS): “Step forward, Spirit from God!”►{Narrated from Jābir by Ahmad and from ‘Uthmān ibn Abī al-‘Ās. by Ibn Abī Shayba,al-Hākim, and Ibn ‘Asākir}
The spiritual state in which our Prophet Jesus(AS) will descend will be immense; it will be a heavenly state for one beloved of God among God’s servants whom He caused to perdure in the nearest heaven for more than two thousand years.When Imam Mahdī(AS) sees him he will move back and say: “Step forward, Spirit from God!” 
Jesus will say: “The call to prayer was raised but for you, therefore, step forward!”►{Ibn Kathīr, al-Bidāya wal-Nihāya (9:176)}
Then Prophet Jesus(AS) will pray behind Imam al-Mahdī(AS). Because of this, it was said that among the immense merits of this Community of Islām is that a Prophet beloved of God and brought near Him – one of the Messengers of High Resolve (ulīl-‘azm) –will pray behind an individual from this Community. After the dawn prayer, Imam Mahdī (AS) will step back and hand over the leadership of the Community of Islām to Prophet Jesus(AS). When our Prophet Jesus(AS) receives the leadership of the Community he will go to Jerusalem so as to return it to truth, guidance and light.
The Antichrist (Dajjāl)
In that time the Antichrist (Dajjāl) will have appeared. All the uproar and loud cries of the voices of money and materialism in the world today, in all their manifestations, are only preliminaries for the Antichrist. Everything that you see in this world producing weak souls and raising entire generations with the most tenuous of links to principles and morality – people made into worldly automatons, worshipers of the world, their sole concern the world, their thought the world, their religion the world, their consciences the world – when the people are ripe in this sense, the Antichrist will emerge onto this world in the form of a missionary – a reformist missionary. He will appear among the people then he will acquire fame and more fame. Many miracles will show at his hands. He will claim Prophet-hood. Then he will claim Divinity – God is our refuge! We might very nearly have to envisage or imagine that a Muslim can actually follow some misshapen creature walking this earth and whom he will consider his Divine Lord! However, the Most Beloved – God bless and greet him and his Family – told us about the Antichrist. He said he might enter an all-Muslim town and then exit it, all its population now disbelievers! God is our refuge from such a thing! Someone asked, what is the reason? It was said that the reason is that he will go to people whose hearts have grown attached to love of the world and whose entire identities have thoroughly mixed with the world and its train. For such, “whoever pays leads” (man yadfa‘ yutba‘)! This is what the people are being trained for today. They are being prepared for the Antichrist and his sovereignty. They are being educated today – in their economy, their politics, their societies, their relationships, their commerce, their undertakings and dereliction’s – all on the debilitated foundation that is the attachment of hearts to trivial worldly interests.
Whoever pays leads. For this was it related that the Antichrist will roam the earth. God will permit that people be tried at his hands. He will have control of their sustenance – agriculture, food, water – to the point he will say, “O heaven, rain!” and rain will pour; “O earth, sprout!” and vegetation will grow;“O plantations, bear fruit!” and fruit will ripen; “O living one, die! O dead one, rise!” and the dead will rise. God will grant him these displays and watch those whose hearts have latched upon externalities (mazāhir) be seduced while  those whose hearts are attached to the Hidden and Manifest(al-bātin al-zāhir) remain oblivious to all but Him.
Christ(AS) and the Antichrist
Just as the Antichrist orders a righteous man to be killed he will hear a voice crying out: “The Spirit from God, Jesus, has descended!”
When the Antichrist hears the name of Prophet ‘Īsā(AS) he will shake and tremble with fear. He will rush to Palestine. There, the army of Prophet Jesus(AS) and Imam al-Mahdī will meet the army of the Antichrist at the gate of Ludd.►{Narrated from al-Nawwās and Abū Umāma by Abū Dāwūd and Ibn Mājah and from ‘Ā’isha by Ahmad as part of longer hadīths}
Board sign showing the city of Ludd in Israel

When the Antichrist looks and sees our Prophet Jesus, upon him peace, surrounded with a halo of light, the Antichrist will melt – as mentioned in the hadīth – just as salt melts in water.►{Narrated from Hadrat Abū Hurayra(RA) by Muslim}
Another version mentions “he will melt like lead,”►{Narrated from ‘Uthmān ibn Abī al-‘Ās. by Ahmad and al-Hākim and from an unnamed Companion by ‘Abd al-Razzāq} 
Prophet Jesus(AS) will approach him and so will Imam al-Mahdī. They will strike him down with their swords.O nations of the Believers, this matter is not just a story we hear for our hearts to be moved a little. This is about living, this is a method one follows, a path one takes, this is a transaction that is going to take place and in which we are going to be involved. At this very moment the armies of the Christ are getting ready and so are the armies of the Antichrist. The meaning of this preparation is that certain attributes in the hearts are rising and taking firm root in the army of truth and right while certain attributes are also forming in the army of falsehood.
It is also said that the wisdom for which God has the killing of the Antichrist take place at the hands of Jesus Christ(AS) is that the Antichrist is the manifestation of the oppression of materialism while our Jesus Christ(AS) is the manifestation of the supremacy of the spirit in this existence.The Antichrist is also named “anointed” (masīh.), but “the anointed arch-liar and deceiver” (al-masīh. al-kadhdhāb al-dajjāl). He was named masīh,because at some point in his career he will claim that he is Christ. 
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