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Indian Muslim women enjoy freedom to choose and it should be theirs alone

On 4 February, the musical legend AR Rahman performed on stage at Dharavi to commemorate ten years of Slumdog Millionaire, the Danny Boyle movie for which he had won two Oscars. The Mozart of Madras was soon embroiled in a hate campaign because of his daughter expressing her right to choose.During the performance, Khatija had come up on stage to …

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Human Rights and Apostasy in Islam: Manzarul Islam

The Conflict Between Human Rights and Apostasy in Islam 7 In terms of the hadith, they argue that the hadith of the prophet Muhammad does not hold the same rank as the Quran. The acceptance of the hadith may raise the question of abrogation of Quran by Hadith (Peter and De Veries, 1976: 14). I do not favor the rejection …

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E. Moosa on Blasphemy & Apostasy in Islam

Defamation, Apostasy and Anathema Pakistan and Afghanistan are not only neighbors. In the first decade of the twenty first century they are both the epicenters of blasphemy-related violence: ranging from prosecutions, political mayhem and assassinations. Anger over matters broadly identified as “blasphemy” frequently erupt in Muslim majority countries in response to cartoons and media that are demeaning to Muslim religious …

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