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The Dalai Lama ‘s Appeal to the World: The Way to Peace in a Time of Division

The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, noted Buddhist spiritual guide, is one of the most widely-respected voices today for global peace and interfaith understanding. In this book, he makes a passionate appeal to the world for peace at a time of serious and seemingly constantly-multiplying conflicts. The peace that the Dalai Lama calls for is rooted in a secular ethics …

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For 26 yrs, Muslims have taken care of this temple

MUZAFFARNAGAR: About a kilometre into the road that leads to Laddhewala in Muzaffarnagar city, a dirty signpost welcomes visitors to this small, nondescript locality. The lanes soon start getting narrower, about 4-foot-wide, between rows of concrete houses. In one sleepy corner of an alleyway, cramped between two buildings, is a solitary temple left behind by its Hindu households sometime in …

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Muslim Sanskrit scholar offers free tuition’s

Lucknow: Hayatullah, 75, offers ‘namaaz’ five times a day and is a devout Muslim. What sets him apart from the crowd is the fact that he is also proficient in Sanskrit and in the four Vedas which has earned him the epithet ‘Chaturvedi’. Hayatullah ‘Chaturvedi’ is a resident of Chhita Harraipur village in Kaushambhi district. Before retiring in 2003, he …

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