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Countering Al-Zawahiri’s misguiding message on Nationhood vs. Caliphate in Kashmir Edit Desk In his latest video titled “Don’t forget Kashmir”, Al Qaeda leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri says that the ‘mujahideen’ must “liberate the Kashmiri jihad from the clutches of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies,” such that the jihad is “for the sake of Allah”  as opposed to a struggle “for the sake of international criminals.” Zawahiri further says: “the Mujahideen in Kashmir- …

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Man-woman relationship: Emotions associated with the union-“The She & He Art Show”

By TARUSHI ASWANI The man-woman relationship forms the crux of Astha Mittal’s “The She & He Art Show” currently on display at Arpana Fine Art Gallery. On canvases of different shapes and sizes are portrayed emotions associated with this union. Astha, prefers painting on round canvases with the belief that all emotions run in a “vicious circle”. The artist tenderly evokes these …

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41st session of the Human Rights Council: Direct Coverage from UNHRC

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

UN Human Rights Commissioner cited ISIS families, Sri Lankan terror attacks, incitement of violence on the basis of religion, digital threats; criminalisation of compassion, Idlib, HongKong, Mexico, Myanmar, Sudan and Philippines in particular , in global update to the UN Human Rights Council. Full speech at     Opening statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet 24 …

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