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Celebrating LOVE 365 days in a year!

Word For Peace By The Wedding Brigade, India’s only one-stop wedding content, e-commerce, online and offline services platform Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, running between jobs and personal errands, we often forget to take a second for ourselves to appreciate the people in our lives. This is most common with young couples — for many millennial couples, …

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‘Saath Do’: Kashmiri Pandits & Muslims hold joint peace rally in Srinagar

Word For Peace The rally, named ‘Saath Do’, will start from Batamaloo and go through various areas of downtown Srinagar before culminating at Kashmir Press Club Polo View on February 28 To show unity between two communities, Kashmiri pandits and Muslims will hold a joint rally on streets of Srinagar to spread a message of peace. The rally is being …

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What On Earth Are We On Earth For?

Word For Peace By Anguba One of the most basic questions about human existence that we could ask ourselves is: What is the purpose of life? Or, to put it differently, What on Earth are we on Earth for? God, our Maker, has created each one of us, just as He has created the rest of the vast universe. Surely, He must have …

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