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At UNSC, China Isolated in Pakistani Corner as Other Nations Refuse to Discuss Kashmir, India braces up for any possible developments in March

Word For Peace New Delhi: China on Wednesday once again mentioned the Kashmir issue at the UN Security Council in a closed-consultation meeting but its second bid since August last year to internationalise the dispute over Kashmir came a cropper. Four other permanent five members clearly said the issue is a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan. French diplomatic sources told …

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Ibn Rushd’s reflections on Religion and Science: Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi

Word For Peace Does science simply dismiss spirituality? Does it offer no scope for the spiritually-inclined people? This has been a baffling question that both religious scholars and scientists have grappled with for long. The truth is that human society will progress on constructive lines only when science and religion go hand in hand. Just as religious seminaries cannot progress …

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The sultan of Oman was a true peacemaker in West Asia: Talmiz Ahmad

Word For Peace In the early hours of Saturday, January 11, Oman announced that Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said would be the new Sultan of Oman. This took place within a few hours of the passing of Sultan Qabbous bin Said and set at rest intense speculation in the last few years about the succession. Qabbous came to the …

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