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Farah El-Sharif: Transforming young woman with big ideas about God, people and nations tackling rigidity and conformity

A young Jordanian woman shares her thoughts on her identity as a Muslim woman and on how, through reflecting on the life of the Prophet Muhammad, she discovered a new lens through which to view herself and other women. As a wide-eyed, fresh graduate from one of America’s leading colleges for the study of International Relations, I was full of …

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Online Fake News: Creating communal divides, enhancing disturbances, radicalising individuals

Intro: Social media has always been ransacked with fake news, via Whatsapp messages or Facebook or Instagram posts. Indeed, fake news has been on the forefront of creating communal divides, enhancing disturbances in sensitive regions, radicalising individuals and tainting reputations……January 10, 2019 Seeing is not always believing, especially so in the Information Age. Information today is being twisted and tweaked …

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