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UN: Attacks on civilians unacceptable, hospitals, medical facilities personnel have special protection under the international humanitarian law

Word For Peace United Nations, May 13 (PTI) UN chief Antonio Guterres has strongly condemned the “horrific” attack on a maternity hospital in Afghanistan that killed at least 14 people, including two newborn babies, saying that those who carry out such “unacceptable” crimes must be held accountable. Militants attacked the …

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Ramazan & Emotions: Underlying Relationship

Word For Peace Humans are born with emotions. Being emotional is synonymous to being alive to the feelings of happiness, sadness, love, hate and sympathy. But most of us do fail to tame our emotions and then we become victims of it either by curtailing or exaggerating them, what Qur’an …

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Ramazan’s Final Days & our relationship with society रमज़ान और आपसी सहयोग

Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi वर्तमान समय में रमज़ान मन को शांत व संयम रखने के उपाय बताता है। दूसरों को संकट में डालने की बजाय संकट मुक्त करने की सीख देता है। इस महीने की ख़ास बात “शबे-ए-क़दर” है जिसे क़ुरान के अनुसार “हज़ार रातों से बेहतर ” का दर्जा दिया …

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