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Kuwait may grant citizenship to non-Muslims

Manama: Non-Muslims could be granted the Kuwaiti citizenship if two proposals approved by the parliamentary legal and legislative committee is supported by the parliament and the government. The proposals submitted separately by MP Safa Al Hashem and by MPs Ahmad Fadhl and Khalid Al Shatti called for amending the 1959 citizenship law to allow the granting the Kuwaiti citizenship to …

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Kashmir’s Shah-e-Hamadan and his religious philosophy-Word for Peace

Kashmir’s Shah-e-Hamadan and his religious philosophy-Word for Peace Binish Qadri, Jammu and Kashmir is highly indebted to Shah-e-Hamadan as far as the development of Islam in the first place, and the development of art and culture in the second place is concerned. He wrote Risala-i-Wujudiyssya, an area for the justification of that principle along with two notes and commentaries on the greatest …

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Interfaith Kindness, the Way to Inter-Community Harmony

By Mesha The other day, I was waiting to get a vehicle to go to ‘my’ place of worship when an autorickshaw came my way. The driver wore a telltale Muslim-style cap. I told the driver the name of the locality where I wanted to go. He asked for more details and I mentioned the name of ‘my’ place of worship. …

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