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Sufis’ antidote to religious supremacism: Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi in Asian Age

The Arabic word Haya’a (humility), which etymologically comes from the root letters of Hayat, meaning life or vitality, is highly significant in Sufi discourses. Most Sufi mystics have stressed the need for Haya’a for all spiritually inclined people. They particularly quote the hadiths — sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) — in relation to this spiritual conduct. Prophet Muhammad …

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India) Communal harmony in a Punjab village

Nathowal (Jagraon): in a unique example of communal harmony and tolerance, a Muslim women was elected panch in a village where the community constitutes less than 10% of the population. she is in the fray for the post of panch from ward 5 of the village again and is getting support from residents across community lines. “the fact that a …

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(UAE) Religious leaders gear up for UAE’s Year of Tolerance

The Year of Tolerance will bring good news from a region so often associated with conflict and strife, religious leaders across the UAE have said. Roman Catholic, Coptic Orthodox, Anglican, Sikh and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints religious groups said it would show the UAE’s leadership in the Arab world and underlined that the troubling global rise …

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