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Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Pope Francis discuss coexistence

Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Dr Ahmed El Tayyeb, discussed coexistence and mutual respect in a telephone conversation on Monday. Dr El Tayyeb greeted the pope and the world’s Christian community in light of the upcoming Christmas holiday. The Sunni cleric also congratulate the pontiff on his 82nd birthday. The strong ties between the pope and …

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Why talking to Taliban for peace in Afghanistan is no point?

(Bloomberg Opinion) — In Abu Dhabi this week, the U.S. and the Taliban engaged in some of the highest-level talks the two sides have held since the war in Afghanistan began more than 17 years ago. The effort will almost certainly prove futile, however, for two crucial reasons. The Taliban aren’t ready for peace. And the Afghan government couldn’t accommodate …

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Can Rahul’s Hinduism redefine composite culture?

It was “house full” at Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s press conference at Ahmedabad’s Radisson Hotel. The rear entrance enabled me to have a fixed, standing position between tripods and a battery of cameras. “Where is Ahmad Patel?” I whispered to the cameraman peering into his lens. He lifted his head and winked. “Muslims not allowed!” Throughout the Gujarat campaign, the …

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