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Kashmiriyat is a Prototype for Hindustaniyat

South Asian Islam finds its best expression in Kashmir’s Rishi-Sufi order and its precious gift known in the valley and beyond as Kashmiriyat, of which the Kashmiri people are justly proud. The defining features of Kashmiri Sufism are a belief in both the transcendence and immanence of God, respect for other religions, belief in reincarnation, emphasis on following the right …

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Sikhs in UAE hail the country’s year of respect, inclusion

When it was announced that 2019 would be the Year of Tolerance in the UAE, the Sikh community in the country felt the palpable “respect and recognition for their faith”, said the leader of the country’s first Gurudwara. “Proclaiming the Year of Tolerance even goes beyond recognising faith groups, it also signifies inclusion – by encouraging everyone to observe the …

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UAE Ambassador Ali Abdulla Al Ahmed on Pope Francis’ visit

UAE Ambassador Ali Abdulla Al Ahmed on Pope Francis’ visit “Both are religions of God and both are religions of peace” Pope Francis will travel to the United Arab Emirates on Sunday on his first visit to the Arabian peninsula. The UAE’s ambassador to Germany, Ali Abdulla Al Ahmed, tells Christoph Strack why it’s so important for the region share …

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