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US-PAKISTAN TIES: When will Cross Boarder Terrorism be halted ?

Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, recently said that Pakistan continued to harbor terrorists that kill American soldiers, and Washington should not give Islamabad even one dollar until it addresses the issue. She also said that foreign aid as leverage should not be given blindly and then expect goodwill, adding, “You have to ask for goodwill and then …

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From religious tolerance to acceptance—Working out key concepts from Judaism, Christianity and Islam to promote inter-religious dialogue

Georges Tamer: We have compiled a list of key concepts in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These concepts will be discussed by renowned scholars of all three religions at conferences and elaborated further, and the results published in plain language. The first volumes will be issued in 2019. Each chapter follows a uniform scheme. The topics covered include the terminology used …

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(Malaysia) Leading Islamic cleric calls for peaceful coexistence of Muslims and others

SUBANG JAYA, Dec 13 — Peaceful co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims is an essential principle in Islam and one that Malaysians should strive to emulate, the Federal Territories (FT) Mufti said today. “Existing peacefully with non-Islamic beliefs is an essential Islamic principle that is clearly stated in many Quranic verses, which has been practised by Muslims throughout history. “There is …

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