Peace, unity, harmony at core of India’s philosophy of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti, reads PM’s message to Ajmer Dargah

Peace, unity and harmony are at the core of various philosophies in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a message today as a ‘chadar’ was offered on his behalf at Sufi saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti’s shrine at Ajmer Sharif.

Union Minister for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi visited the dargah to offer a ‘chadar’ on Modi’s behalf.

Modi conveyed his greetings to followers of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in India and abroad on the occasion of the 806th annual Urs in his message.

“Peace, unity and harmony is at core of various philosophies in the country, Sufism is also one of them. When we talk of Sufi saints in India, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti appears as a symbol of great spiritual traditions.

“The service of humanity made by ‘Gharib Nawaz’ will continue to be an inspiration for future generations,” Modi said.

On the occasion of the annual Urs of the great saint, Modi said he wished for “harmonious co-existence” of various aspects of Indian culture.

“Greetings and best wishes to the followers of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti across the world on the annual Urs,” he added.

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