Persian Language, Literature and culture Thriving in Jamia Millia Islamia in India


The Department of Persian is independently functioning since 1988. Before this, a combined department of Arabic, Persian and Islamic Studies was setup in the year 1968 under the name of the Department of Islamic and Arab Iranian Studies.

From the inception of the department of Persian, the founder HOD Prof. Shoib Azmi has undergonelots of hardships and made ceaseless efforts to develop the department making it one of the most reputed Persian departments.

After his retirement Prof. Qamar Ghaffar and Prof. Iraq Raza Zaidi have taken keen interest to develop the department. Now Prof. Mohammad Iqbal has taken over the charge of HOD w.e.f. 24-05-2010, performing his duties actively to promote the teaching and research of Persian language and literature.

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