“Stay positive and happy, work had and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people”                                                                            

Positive thinking has extreme influence over the humanistic culture and civilization. It leads people to the utmost success. It is heritage of all who do not believe problems as obstacle but get rid of it with complete dedication and determination to compete. Positive aptitude people believe, not a single problem exists in the world without its solution thus they win and triumph. Positive attitude provides full power of self-discipline as well potential to confront every big and small problematical situation. Never to be worried of disappointment if it was productively possessed by a deprived one for conquest. Your whole achievements essentially require to be assessed as others; if you fruitfully overcome then triumph is yours unless zip and zilch is lumbering present. Every discovery, invention and innovation was not without power of positive thinking. Never and never again big might be accomplished devoid of strong will power of positive thoughts and absolute devotion. Thinking positively assists an individual to cover higher self-esteem in public and private.

But, regardless of this, number of instances of people would possibly be observed; when problem arises they begin to sense the lack of courage and bravery lastly abscond while they were about to hit the big time. Incessant troubles and evils might be taking place but an optimist does believe in famous maxim “where there is a will there is a way”, he does try and fail but does not fail to try while a pessimist possess latter one. Blockage itself indicates to its inputs. There in world does not dwell even a single individual devoid of quandaries covered over him. Problems are natural and nature itself has established remedies for all calamities whereas we ought to find solutions out. Quranic verses report “The Almighty does not burden over a human being that he can’t be bearing” furthermore “every problem leads to amusement and enhancement”. Life is a battle should be fought with enthusiasm, commitment and faithfulness. God too supports those who help themselves out. Thinking positively and determined soul, dares to fight, has the chance of success.

Let us understand the significance and implications of power of positive thinking through world first licensed armless pilot as well first armless black belt of American female, Jessica Cox. She was born armless moreover can type on keyboard 25 words per minute and has been certified SCUBA diver. She learnt the art of dance at her tender age. Completing graduation she rushed to earn bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Arizona. The most stimulating and inspiring accomplishment of Jessica Cox was to learn how to fly and make flights. Jessica has been awarded the Guinness World Record for being the first lady certified to fly an airplane with only their feet. How wonder felt it is!!!!! An armless woman learns the art of flying as well causes for the inspiration of other differently able entities. These serious arts can’t be perhaps realized devoid of ironic will power and steady positive thinking in challenging situations.

Just take another example of sprinter Justin Gatlin five times world champion was born in Brooklyn of America. He was extremely interested and fascinated in running moreover was awarded scholarship from University of Tennessee. He was born to run. His prestigious career was not only filled with problematic and chaotic situations but also was suspended twice from competition, first for two years while later for eight years but in former one year as well in latter four years were reduced on appeal. Approximately, three times he competed with Usain Bolt; he was forced to satisfy with Bronze and Silver Medals in first two completions while in final was on in high spirits when notched gold medal up in farewell running competition of Usain Bolt in London. Following bans and suspensions, he does not put an end to its career but went on with strong will power and thinking result positively aftermath defeated eight times world champion, Usain Bolt. Justin Gatlin surprised many at the 2017 championship in athletics by winning gold with a time of 9.92seconds. His teammate Christian Coleman, who won silver and Usain bolt in final world championships who earned bronze medal, was beaten by him.

In a nutshell,  We should not lose the hope of success and win. The more positively we think, the more we will get and win. Positive thiniking changes the life by providing skills to decrease problematice situations. It not only gives power to think high but also make stronger the future of a dedicated and determined individual to acheivement and accompllishment. With a positive attitude, we simply can sense every diffult movements of life as pleasant and happy. It brings brightness to common eyes. It not only hepls grow mental power but also effect positively who structure of a human being. Major of tension effected individuals have not the dust of positive attitude thus they fail and decay. To win anything, enthusasism and deteremination is considered as central theme. through it, anyone can overcome the mountains. Positive thinking always wins. Life belongs to ambitions and ambitions can be simply achieved by positive thinking. For every success in the world confidence is required while it is inheritence of positive thinking.

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