Qur’an the Gods word itself proclaims that it is revealed from the God among other scriptures.


“Verify this is a revelation from the lord of the world”      (26:192)

“(this is) the revelation of the book in which there is no doubt, from the lord of the world” (32:2)

“The most gracious!  It is who has taught the Qur’an (55:1, 2)



There is no chance for error in the Gods words because it claims it is revealed from the God who has no error. It is the common fact that human compositions are not like that there may come errors even if it is written by great scholars, philosophers, thinkers, may that error will reveal his life period otherwise that reveal after his generation.  Because knowledge of human is limited and that increases day by day.  So when they get new knowledge they correct the errors.  It is a natural process it will continue until the Day of Judgment because there is no chance for knowing everything in the life of the human


God Is erudite, his knowledge itself complete no need to add or reduce something.  So there is no correction in the god’s word. If error comes in the claiming god’s word that is the best evidence which instability of mentioned claim

Science means objective study of universe and nature it depends upon the human knowledge when researches progress a scientific theory will change.  This is the natural phenomena in the scientific world.

Religion encourages science, adopting it as a tool by which to study the stability of the God’s creation.  Religion not only encourages scientific study but also permits that, supported by truths revealed through Islam, scientific research be conclusive and expeditious.  The reason being, that religion provides accurate and definitive answers as to how life and the universe came into being. As such, initiated upon a proper foundation, research will reveal the truth regarding the origin of the universe and organiosation of the life in the shortest time, and with minimum effort and energy.

As stated Albert Einstein, considered one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, “science with out religion is lame”

Qur’an also mentioning a lot of scientific facts. It is the most evidence to prove it is from the God. Because before fourteen centuries, when the science unfledged, Qur’an indicated the scientific facts.

Only because of scientific fact of Qur’an, people flowing to the Islam till now.  They are not mere people but educated like scientists, doctors, and engineers.  So many doctors accepted Islam from the Europe only because of embryological indication of Qur’an

Some scientific facts of Qur’an:-

The coming of universe into existence:

“He created heavens and the earth from nothing (Al-an’am-101)

The expansion of universe:

“And it is we who have constructed the heaven with night, and verily, it is we who are steadily expanding it (Adh-dhariyath-47)

Embryological fact:

“Recite: in the name of the lord who created man from alaqa (Alaq-1, 2)

Geography (water cycle):

Seest thou not that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and leads it through springs in earth?  Then he causes to grow, there with, produce of various colures” (Al-Zumar:  21)

Botany (plants created in pair, male and female):

“And has sent down water from sky, with it have we produced diverse pair of plants each separate from the others” (Ta-Ha: 53)

These are only some examples which show scientific truths revealed in the Holy Quran ages ago.  The variety disciplines such like Biology, Zoology, Medicines, Physiology and etc are too mentioned in the Quran.

But all science and its theories are not mentioned in Quran because science is based on guess and experiments and changes are possible in every time, but God’s word does not subject to any kind of change.

The evolutionary theory is not mentioned in Quran because it is unconfirmed theory and it also against the Quranic teaching.  Like that so many unconformity theory and so called facts are included in science; these are not mentioned in Quran

But today in the modern era, sad to say that some of our Muslim brothers try to connect all scientific fact and theories to the Quranic verses.  It will make big danger because, when the science change that theory, we have to change Quranic verses, is it possible?  No never.

In a nutshell, we can understand that Quran is not a science book, it is not revealed for confirm the scientific truth.  But it is only revealed only to aware people and enlight knowledge. Even though Quran is not a scientific book but it is ample of science and universal truth.



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