Ramazan; a comprehensive social and cultural approach

Ramazan, a holy month to the world muslims which they use it to rehashing and maturating their soul. Moreover, muslims as a whole trashing their trigger-happy habits and seeing such as mawkishly by metamorphosing the whole life obligating almighty. Totally ramazan influences all aspects of spiritual, cultural and social.
Spiritual aspect:-
Ramazan, it is a spiritual sensation. A struggle against physical will. When a human being becomes able to struggle against his physical will, he also becomes corroborated. Here, ramazan acts as a tactic. Almighty allah has made it obligatory for us to fast in this month, which plays an giant role in the spiritual sensation. Moreover, he gave an amazing night named as lailathul qadr. He also made us free from peculator iblees. He emitted his boon and benison like these, almighty allah has provided extreme, bizarre opportunities to worship him and gain his juxtaposition. Totally rajab is for sowing, shaban is for watering and ramzan is for harvesting. We can harvest benefits from allah in this ramazan based on the quantity and quality of sowing of seed and watering of it. Our ancestor scholars adopted inclement ways to gain the loyalty and individual refine, the ultimate goal of ramazan. They collected huge rewards from almighty by performing all worships which made them propinquity to allah and adorers. Almighty allah says In his holy quran: oh believers, the fast is insisted to you same as your ancestors to become you adorers. There are several gains of loyalty which introduced in holy quran and prophets life. One juxtaposition of allah and his love. “Complete the pact of allah and live with loyalty. Surely ,he loves adorers” (3/76).the second gain of loyality is clench of lay “surela allah receives from adorers “(5/27)and the third one is ultimate mastery. “land is up to allah , he will give to he intented one from his slaves as a backlash,the ultimate mastery is up to adoders “(7/128).And the fourth one is immuned place. “surely prosperity is upto adorers.viticultures,damsels also upto them”(78/31-32).
Anyhow, almighty Allah Bestowed us agolden opportunity or a suitable period to gain loyality.Abdullah ibn Mas’ood(R)defines loyality as “obey Almighty allah,don’t oppose him.Always remember him ,don’t forget him,thank him and don’t ingratitude” ramazan calls us towards these and enriching human souls. By these and all other good activities.
Ramazan, is a guest. we should clench it sincerely. plenteous prayers and homage only can able to give a suitable take in to holy ramzan. spiritually, ramazan is a sensation and it is a precious stuff to human soul.
Cultural aspect:-
Every human societies or communities have its own culture. A human society or community will not proper or complete without culture. But, Ramadan influences marginally to the whole Muslim culture. There are still Ramadan special cultures existing in our societies. Peoples are clenching it with great changes in their cultures. Especially, their criminality reduces and the Ramadan built a brighter culture in every individuals. as a part of take in of ramzan, several benevolence were animated .rectify or cleaned up messy surroundings and there are take placed lappy fanoos(a lamp like stuff which can see holy ramzan)which makes the surroundings decorated with rays of light from it. anyhow, the traditional activities of ancestors in the holy ramzan,it leads human towards a cultured path.the inflorescence of queer well cultural activities still builts a peacefully, co-friendly tone. the cultural queers of ramzan donates a sensation to human soul.
Social aspect:-
Man is a social animal. In society intermingle of each other is common or law of nature. but in modern era, cognation between the members of society is moving towards laxity state, which damages the peace of society. in this situation, the holy month ramazan’s influence in social sector is notable. in the ramzan, every muslim insisted to fast, which reduces criminality of man and possible more pacific tone while he earns the vicinage of almighty allah. the starve of the fast controls him from the negatives. In the holy ramzan, islam also enforces the “swadaqa” which also can decline or wept out the poverty. Here a notable thing is, in all world countries, the government takes poverty alleviation programs to washout poverty, which fails to reach the real poor. But, the swadaqa and zakath of islam is a suitable solution to the poverty which shows the systematic structure of holy islam. Anyhow, the muslims in ramzan are more unremitted and outbalanced charities as well as pursuing prophet muhammed and his followers, is a apex gain of the social aspect of ramazan. our ancestors adverted charities separately in this month. Imam turmudi reports from anas, prophet Muhammad said that “the ramzan is the month of charities and donations”. Imam bukhari reported that “in ramazan swadaqas of prophet Muhammad were more powerful than the coldness of nature given by the powerful wind” Sufyanussauri, a sympathizer of prophet ,he welcomed towards him who comes with asking the swadaqa and he says “welcome to the senor guest who came to erase my sin. by these all we can twig the admiration to the swadaqa in Islam, singularly in Ramadan. the Ramadan originates a tranquil tone in the society. totally, ramzan refines every individual, modulates human societies.

About the author:
Twahir bin siddique is from mangaluru presently pursuing graduation in Islamic studies from Markaz Garden group of Institutions. His interested area of studies are Quranic studies, Islamic anthropology, philosophical approach towards Islamic history and so on.

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