Rape crimes will end by creating a cohesive society, not by making strict laws, Protect the spirit of our Constitution: Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhauchhavi


4 December, Lucknow

Sayyid Mohammad Ashraf Kichhauchavi, President of All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board and Chairman of the World Sufi Forum, while speaking on the Citizenship Bill during the Board’s meeting in Lucknow, said that the defense of the Constitution would be done by implementing it, and not just talking about “The constitution of India”, which is secular and is considered equality-based in terms of justice. “Differentiating in the name of religion is non-constitutional”, he said.

Kichhauchavi argued, “ it is discriminatory and against the basic idea of India as an inclusive, diverse, secular, and democratic nation envisaged by the founding fathers of our Constitution”.

He said further that it clear from the kind of talks being heard on the citizenship bill as of now, that the bill is politically motivated. The government should re-consider it because discrimination in the name of religion will work against the Constitution of India.

Talking about the disgusting rape-and-murder incident that happened with Dr. Priyanka Reddy in Hyderabad, Hazrat said that rape in the country would not come to a halt by making any stricter laws, although he also said that strict laws are also necessary but for such a case to end for once and all, not just Punishment but Social Reforms are more required.

He said that for this, the government should arrange just a month-long verdict by conducting these cases in the fast track court. He also said that to stop it completely, the government should first implement full prohibition on all sorts of intoxication in the entire country. All types of intoxication including smoking should be prohibited, in order for the society to be made better, which is not possible without education.

Prophet (PBUH) established an ideal society as a result of which the fear of the law came with the respect of the law, while the people stayed away from corrupt thoughts. Rape is a heinous act, whereas a corrupt mindset is the result of our collective mentality and the Disgusting ideas which have to be stopped. A massive campaign has to be launched to end this rapist thinking, he urged.

The meeting also discussed the re-consideration of the petition filed in the Babri Masjid case. The Board president made it clear that our job is to win hearts, and we are doing our work. We are not parties to the case, so we, like ordinary Muslims, prefer to respect the Supreme Court judgement.

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