Reinterpretation of faith: a serious issue Muslims face today

Farid bin Mohammed, for

Religions are reinterpreted to meet the needs and wants of the society, to accomplish their personal goals, no matter how worst it falls from ethical sense. If one after the other doctrines of the religion is reinterpreted, nothing will remain of its own, real and exact. Christianity lost its accuracy and solidarity after it was molded in accordance to the desires of the society. Nevertheless, changes from time to time, place to place are more frequently identified in its doctrine of faith, which aims accomplishing modern desires and numerous conversions or reception in the society.

Christianity lost its applicability in modern world as of its strict doctrines. Imaginary stories tell us that it is not truly gods word but mans invention. Christians reinterpreted their faith predicting threat from Islam to their sole concept to be an ideal system, which always they considered and proclaimed, on occasion even killed their own people in order to accomplish that dream.

It is universally accepted truth that Islam attracted many nations and tribes, was way of life to millions, methodology to live, contribution to world. Spain, Cordova and turkey are among the notables. Arabia witness Islams contribution through its leader prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) like ever before.

Edinburgh University professor says one thing baffles me, I cant understand how one man, who has no formal education, could lead community who behaved like animals and transform them into men the world ever seen

Islam promotes inventions

The way Allah (s.w.t) approached the reader through Quran led them to think deep inside on the tremendous creations, movements of celestial bodies, origin of earth, and rotation of planet. Quran constantly said to think and re think. This developed inside the Muslims an inner spirit to contribute to this world through their loyal works and subjection. But all this glory was a threat for Christians and their concept. They had burning desire of become dominant power, incase if they embraced to Islam, this desire will remain unaccomplished. So they defamed Islam al utmost level.

Before Islams neo concept, old outdated thought of Christians never found place or acceptance. Those who were presently believers of the faith left the faith. The situation urged Christian priests to come across with an agreement, which of changing religion in accordance with changing time. Hence, they did it without any hesitation. Up to now they are updating to get acceptance when Islam is like how it was. Christians now mainly focus on modernizing the concept of their religion and hence, diverged from its spiritual sense. People now in large number are moving from west to different places to find spiritual satisfaction as they think west cant be spiritually or morally applicable.

Are Wahhabis imitating the west?

The answer is yes, because Wahhabis like Christians also reinterpreted the faith focusing mainly on contemporary changes to satisfy the needs of modern society, no matter if the needs fell out of the religious circle. Qardawi is one among such persona who gave fatwas according to the needs of the society. Whenever anyone came up with any requirement he permitted it saying Quran and Hadees are submitting this you can admit. When Wahhabis only focused on modern youth they had to give up the essence of the faith, the spiritual values, same like west. Thus, Wahhabis are stopping from visiting graves and seeking help through saints. They are totally against to spiritual concept.

Is reinterpretation needed?

Islam enormously contributed to modern world unlike anything or anyone. But, Modernist Muslims still think Islam is inapplicable to modern world as a result, newly interpret the religion on the basis of their knowledge.

Intervention of Apologist in Islam gave it a falsified outlook. Apologist tried to connect every evolving naturally related thing to Islam. For this they built false stories of Muslim intellectuals and exaggerated the contribution of Islam. Critics of Islam, waiting for a chance to hunt Islam got open chance to criticize Islam from what they did. This was Apologist method of interpretating Islam who are alike traditionalists.

Modernist like Qaradawi and traditionalist like Mohammed hasan vulgarized Islam by attempting to reinterpret Islam. Todays all visible practices from slavery to terrorism are their creations. They open chances to critics of Islam, doing things In the name of the religion. To claim anything to any system when following the system authenticity is necessary. Without authenticity act cannot be affiliated to the system but, these modernist and traditionalist do things without authenticity. In Muslim nations, if believers do anything it cannot be called Islamic, unless it is clearly inspected. They are doing things that are according to their culture and tradition, this never cannot be Islamic. Words of our former khaleefa Ali (R) is more relevant, he said see what it says not who says it.

So, it is better not to interpret Islam on the basis of once self knowledge in it. Religion is complete, it became clear when prophet said al yaum akmalthu lakum deenakum today I have completed the religion. If Islam is interpreted in according to taste and preference of the people, then same situation will arise that with Christianity. There is no need for any interpretation thinking Islam inapplicable to modern world. For each and everything Islam prescribed and is prescribing answer directly or indirectly. Even western and euro centric values was once Islams, they stole everything from Muslims and labeled their name.


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