Remembering Salma: Acid Attack martyr Salma Khatun is no more in this world Correspondent
Salma, 23, from Bihar was acid attacked in the month of June last year. Attacked on June 24, 83 days later, on Sep 15 after an arduous three months battle for her life, Salma succumbed to the injuries she had sustained during an acid attack. The family’s hope for a better life was left corroded by a fatal acid attack on their daughter. We strongly feel something needs to be done. Drastic steps need to be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
On June 24, Salma Khatoon was attacked with acid by a youth in Aurangabad. When the girl was eve-teased by the accused identified as Azhar on her way to tution. The girl decided to inform her parents and told them that he has been harassing me since a week. Reacting to her daughter’s complaint, victim’s father reached the culprit’s home.
The act of girl’s father umbraged him and in the absence of the male members in the house, Azhar stepped into her room and threw acid at her while she was fast asleep. Firstly, she was admitted to a nearby hospital but as her case was critical, Salma was referred to Delhi’s Apollo Hospital.
We must not let the unfortunate death of Salma go in vain. All anger has to be streamlined into action. The cases of acid attack have increased which is very sad and disheartening. Concerned citizens should turned up in large numbers at the Jantar Mantar this Sunday (June 11) to participate in a candle march organised by the brother of Salma.
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Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi

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