SDPI and the ilk Misinterpret the Quran and Hadith to Justify Their Terror Deeds: Indian Sunni leader

Jul 19, 2018

KOZHIKODE: Indian Sunni leader Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musaliar has said that no one has entrusted the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) with the task of taking to the streets to protect the Muslim cause.

Addressing a news conference here on Wednesday, he said that certain organizations are misinterpreting the Quran and Hadees to justify their terror deeds. “No organization has been selected to defend Islam,” he said.

“The Muslim community should view seriously the attempts by some self-appointed forces to solve the issues faced by the community. The issues should be addressed jointly by the community and it should be only within the framework of the legal system,” he said.

“This is the time for the governments to wake up to the threat of extremism. People from every corner are talking of combating extremism, but there are a few who consciously promote extremist thinking,” Kanthapuram said.

On the demand for banning SDPI and the Popular Front of India (PFI), he said it was up to the government to take a decision taking into consideration various facts. “In fact, many such organizations have changed their names after ban and continued to function,” he said.

The Sunni leader opined that Salafism is the root cause of extremism in Islam. “It is the Salafis who deviated from the teachings of the Sunni scholars and interpreted Quran as they wished,” he said.

Affirming that extremism exists in every community, Kanthapuram said Swami Agnivesh was cruelly attacked in Jharkhand the other day. “Incidents of mob lynching are increasing in the country. Only the judiciary has the right to punish,” he said.

Kanthapuram said he does not agree with the suggestion of banning politics on the campus. “At the same time, students should be imparted lesson on mutual love,” he said.

Kanthapuram said the Sunni Yuvana Sangham (SYS) will organize a campaign against extremism and terrorism, modalities of which will be announced later. N Ali Abdulla, secretary of Kerala Muslim Jamaáth and S Sharafudeen, secretary, SYS were also present.


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