Sheikh Abdul Qadir Sani (R) ; The Legendary Who Ignited a Community

The history of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Sani (R) begun from his father Sheikh Usman who was one among the family series of Prophet Muhammed’s first disciple, Aboobacker Siddeeq (R). He was one of the chief Sultan in the Hamadan province of Iraq. However, Sheikh Usman, a very devout and reluctant to the material world, abandoned his kingship and traveled around the world  as a passenger. So 500 years ago he reached Valapattanam in Kerala. While he was staying there, he had a divine vision that he will get a miraculous boy if he marry in that night. Then Qali of Valapattanam arranged the marriage of his daughter to him. In the 10th century, that beautiful woman gave birth to Sheikh Abdul Qadir  in a holy time. During the time of birth his father , Sheikh Usman was not there as he was in a spiritual journey.

At that time, a skilled Jotian was in the royal palace of king of Chirakkal who was the ruler of Valapattanam. He told the king that, a child was born in the town of valapattanam, and the boy would turn out to be the greatest of the miraculous celestial beings. He added, if the king protects and maintains the child, the king will be in rich and prosperous. Soon afterward, the king went to  visit the child with his ministers and officials in the place where astrologers mentioned the sign of the new born child. He observed and respected the child and provided improved facilities. The great successor was brought up under the supervision of the king until he became six years old. The king of Chirakkal arranged special people for the maintenance and nurturing of the boy. Among these, there were also some premier facilities to impart him religious knowledge. From the age of seven, the king took the child to the palace. The turning incident takes place in the life of Sheikh in the age of 16, when he was alive in palace.

By then four strangers reached Sheikh’s house to search out for him. The mother responded, he was in the King’s palace at Chirakkal. Having a special meal from there, they travelled after giving some food stuffs to the mother telling her to give it to her loving son. When the son returned, she explained everything that happened. The Sheikh realized that the people were not common and he followed their footsteps, the way they returned. He met the four persons from Bhatkal of Karnataka after understanding the signs referred by his mother. Mahmudul Wabushani (R) one of the prominent among them, gave the “Ijazatha” and “Closure” of Suhrawardi Thareeqath. After this incident, for a few span of a time Sheikh did not went to the palace. Similar to his father, he started living engaging in whole-time worship, throwing all his powers. When the Sheikh was seen missed, the king sent a messenger and issued to inquire into the matter. The Sheikh reached the palace and told, he was pleased with the creator of the world and has decided to return to his devotion. Then he asked to provide the king a territory for regular worship. As per the request, the king issued a proclamation removing a particular place from his part of Jurisdiction for his son. Historians recorded that, the place was later known with the title of ‘Puratheel’. The Sheikh built a mosque and started permanent settlement there. Subsequently, Puratheel became the centre of Suhrawardi Thareeqath in Malabar. Then Sheikh marrreid a lady from there and Kamaludheen, as a new son was born. Disciples of Sheikh have asserted several miracles happened from this great successor.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Sani(R) enriched his life by leading better life and guiding many into truth until he answered the call of Almighty on a Friday morning in 16th Dulqa’ad, 983 in Hijri calendar. According to genuine assertion, he was named as Abdul Qadir II because of his popularity after Sultanul Aarifin Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R). Even Puratheel recieved the title as “Bagdad in India”. Near to the grave of Sheikh many of his disciples and revered figures of his age are also buried. The life of this great man who lived 454 years ago was an exemplary and quite systematic in his concerns. The memories of this nobleman still remains remembered, due to the prevalence of same vala’ef (وظائف) and auwrad (اوراد) which were begun during Sheikh’s time.

Certain Chapters specially reciting in the five time prayers, the special prayer before the Fajr, the auwrad and system of prayer together in the inner Mosque after the Fajr extending to the sunrise, the special auwrad and prayer after Asar, ‘Dikr halqa’ in the night of Thursday, Friday, and Monday after Magrib, Tharaveeh after half passed the night in Ramadan, the ‘thauba’ after performing Jumua are some of the practices existing here today.





Badrudheen Ali El Farthwavi is doing a special intensive course in classical Islamic studies from Madeenathunnoor College of Islamic Science, poonoor, Calicut. His present work is focusing scholarly and mystical engagements in Kerala.

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