Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed, An Exemplary Muslim Leader Working For Peace And Harmony

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karnataka yathra kanthapuram usthad photos 23Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed alias Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar is a noted Islamic scholar in and out of Kerala in making and working for peace and harmony in this constituency of activity and propagation. He was born on 22nd March 1939 in a village named Kanthapuram which lies 30 kilometers towards east from the city of Calicut. He did his studies in classical Islamic studies at his young age with material education also. He become orphan at his very small age and thus the condition resulted in building up a burning desire and goal to be attained in the future. After completing his studies in Islamic jurisprudence and theology and related branch of studies under reputed scholars in the state, he left for Baqiyath Salihath Arabic College, Vellore Tamil Nadu, to pursue his higher education and there he proved his proficiency and acumen and scored rank in his studies.

Contributions towards education

Soon after completing his post graduate education in Islamic studies, he paved a way for imparting education to the society, with an in the upliftment of Muslim community. Establishment of Jamia Markazu Ssaqafathu Ssuniya was a milestone in his contribution towards education.

Markazu Ssaqafathu Ssuniya

Jamia Markaz is one of the noted academic and charitable organizations in India, established in the year 1978. it established different educational and charitable institutions spreading all over India. Its apex and governing body includes a pack of reputed scholars and active social workers, who proved their proficiency in their field of experiment. Apart from its town center in the city of Calicut, Markaz has regional centers and divisional offices in all over Kerala, Middle East, Europe and America. It includes more than fifty institutions and sub centers including orphanages, Quran study centers, college of Islamic studies, English and Malayalam medium schools, art and science colleges, law colleges, medical and professional institutes, vocational and training institutes, management and finishing schools. Currently more than 20000 students are directly benefited and thousands of others advantage indirectly by Markaz

Markaz center of excellence. Markaz Garden

Markaz Garden is a nongovernmental and philanthropic institute founded in 2001 to mould highly talented professional scholars. Today it is evident from the performance and it is a institute of national impact and international repute, a premier institute for knowledge seekers from different parts of the globe. The center of excellence works constantly looking new horizons for the upliftment of Muslim community by using bench marked curriculum and cutting edge technology. The alumni of this center find their area of research and experiment in famous universities in countries like UK, Germany, Turkey , Portugal etc.

Women education

Apart from keeping women aside from mainstream, he opened a new world for them in pursuing both spiritual and material education. Separate colleges and schools for women were established in different parts of the country. A large number of ladies are currently seeking education from the present available sources.


Several humanitarian works are undertaken under his leadership and with clear and direct supervision by Markaz. Markaz Cares is a main initiative introduces for variety of charity programme. With the country, with the people is the tagline of Markaz Cares; the principal global charity derives by Markaz to benefit millions of needy and across the state and wide the nation. Mainly these works in association with global charity organizations like Red Crescent society, Iqraa foundation, Relief and Charitable Foundation of India. Sweet water projects, food aids, health care, education, housing, emergency relief and self employment are few among which comes under charity activities. Thousands of people irrespective of class, creed and religion benefit from these charity


Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed is not only the torch bearer for Markaz institutions, but he holds many prime positions in different Sunni organizations and governing bodies. He has a long time experience in holding positions; he came across different reputed seats and positions. Presently he is the chancellor of Markaz. Besides, he is the general secretary of all India Sunni Jamiyyathu Ulama. He is also chief patron of Sunni Yuvajana Sangam and genreal secretary of Samastha Kerala Sunni Jamiyathul Ulama


The famous Kerala Yatra( from Kasargod to Thiruvanathapuram which are the both ends of the state) lead by Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed was a golden feather in the harmony of Kerala. The programme was held in the year of 2012 with the tagline awakening the humanity. Nationwide appreciation hue saturated the events. Severe support from the non Muslim religious scholars and different political party leaders paved a way towards creation an atmosphere of humanity in Kerala. A one year programme including relief and charity, awareness programme, regional and local level symposiums on current anti humanitarian activities and their solutions etc were conducted prior to this function. The government support by all means for the function resulted in non familiar encouragement to those who work of humanity and harmony

The ripples made its reflections in the state of Karnataka and Assam. Such like programme were held in the both states which resulted in the kind cooperation of human packs in making the country peaceful and harmony. Peace and humanitarian conferences were held in state like Gujarat, where Muslims experience several threats and fears. He demanded the government no to oppress them and do against but to protect their rights and allow the privileges.

Religious and social views

He is a noted Islamic scholar who raised voice against the Islamic militant group such as Islamic State (IS). He quoted that these extremist groups are trying to defame a religion that advocates peace and tolerance.

By late 2015, his comments on gender equality got wide reputation and had serious discussions and counter points were held in different media desks and public spheres. Even though he unveiled the Islamic perspective on gender and equality between them, he was happened to hear several allegations from different parts of society.

Strong Resistance against the extremist religious ideas

His works and voice against the extremist religious ideas are strong enough to beat them up. He played a pivotal role in making a check in the Wahhabi interventions in the State. Several debates and discussions were carried out under his leadership. The famous three day long Kottapuram Debate was a milestone in his history towards the resistance of false ideas.

MUHAMMED ABDUL BARI is based in Kerala, engaged in intensive training in Islamic Studies and he has completed graduation in Economics from University of Calicut.

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