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Sohbat-e-Awliya (Companionship of saints) is the phenomenon of Spiritual Magnetism: Dr Tahirul Qadri

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Companionship of the Awliya

Almighty Allah says in the Qur’an:
Stand fast in the companionship of those (friends of Allah).►{Surah al-Kahf Ch 18: Verse 28}

In this Qur’anic verse are mentioned those truth seekers who join companionship of Allah’s Friends and inculcate in themselves the essence of divine pursuit and dedication to Allah’s consent.It is Allah’s divine Will that His Friends(Awliya) are inevitable for the spiritual upliftment of common man.

The Holy Qur’an has revealed magnetism as a vital force of spiritual communication between the believers, the Auliya and the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) and Allah. A chained link among all spiritual beings exists which operates through magnetic brain waves. They function like spiritual magnets as do the physical magnets according to the laws of Physics.The Holy Qur’an, Ahadith, Sunnah and the lives of Auliya are replete with episodes that amply prove the magnetic truth of their spiritual network and their effectiveness towards emancipation of man and his prosperous return to the Paradise lost. 

The process of persistent remembrance, continual worship, self-purification and self-strife brings a permanent spiritual charge to the Auliya Allah.They work like electric charged magnets. The spiritual magnets so produced are placed to spread bounties of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him). The second method of making magnets is based on the principal of staying in persistent contact with a magnet.A piece of iron is rubbed against a magnet and this way the magnetic force is transferred into it. Through contact (and steadfast companionship) the piece of iron becomes a magnet and starts attracting common iron items towards itself.In the world of spiritual magnets, this category comprises such people who are infirm in the struggle with ‘self’, diligent worship and purification. They cannot perform hard labour but do have a flame in them to purify their ‘inner self’ of all evils, indecencies, immoralities and sinful urges to attain Allah’s pleasure and consent. They live and prosper like mini-magnets of spiritualism.

The believers who are connected to the Awliya are the contact-method spiritual magnets corresponding to the Qur’anic verse. The Leader or ‘Sheikh’ becomes the spiritual magnet through Electric Charge Method while the Follower becomes a magnet through persistent companionship with his spiritual leader.

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