Some Reflections on Religious Pluralism by Brother John Martin Sahajananda

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“Every religion provides a certain understanding of God and of humanity’s relationship with God. Every religion claims to contain the full truth. But people who have defined the truth, who think that God has revealed everything and that there is nothing left to reveal, are not hungry and thirsty for God’s righteousness. Truth is beyond all religions. Truth is beyond all intellectual and theological systems. People who realize that truth is beyond revealed scriptures are blessedly poor […] they are hungry and thirsty for righteousness, and the kingdom of God belongs to them.”



“There is only one way to God, and that is to renounce one’s ego. The ultimate purpose of any religion is to help her adherents to leave the ego […]”


“A wise person is not one who accumulates knowledge and who knows all the scriptures, but one who has realized the limitation of all knowledge and all scriptures and who looks into the sky of eternity for the appearance of wisdom. A wise person is one who reaches the boundary or limit of his or her own religion and realizes the relativity of these boundaries.”



“Religions are meant to serve human beings, and human beings are not meant to serve religion.”


(Source: John Martin Sahajananda, You are the Light.) 

‘Brother Martin’, as John Martin Sahajananda is also called, is a monk at Saccidananda Ashram (also called Shantivanam), located in Tamil Nadu (India), a major centre for Christian-Hindu understanding. Brother Martin is the author of numerous books. For more about Saccidananda Ashram, see the ashram’s website: 

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