Spread the Humanist Message of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in his month of Birthday: AIUMB celebrates “WEEK of HUMANITY”


New Delhi, November 25

The activists of All India Ulama and the Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) have decided to celebrate “Week of HUMANITY” from the first day of the ongoing holy Islamic month—Rabiul Awwal—which is celebrated as the beloved Prophet Muhammad’s month of his Birthday.

On this occasion, All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board’s founder-president, Sayyed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi, highlighted the Prophet’s teachings of tolerance, forbearance, mercy, co-existence and compassion towards the adherents of other religions.

“Today and on every occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, we Muslims need to relook at our attitude towards the very prophetic personality traits that we abysmally lack. What we should particularly recall today are the holy Prophet’s mercifulness for all mankind, his truthfulness, forgiveness, generosity, gentleness and all his noble behavioural attributes”, he said.

Notably, the AIUMB activists have resolved to engage in these virtuous acts in this month of holy Prophet’s Birthday:

  1. Go to the poor and orphans (Yatims and Miskins) and provide them with warm clothes.
  2. Each unit of the AIUMB will hold a program in which at least 12 trees will be planted by the people.
  3. Visit the hospitals and offer the poor patients fruits and milk along with the medical cost
  4. Arrangement of the Sabeel and the Langar (meals)
  5. Daily Darood Sharif in congregations
  6. Keep the city clean, prevent the smoke, use saints (itr) and flowers etc. in order to spread good smells in the streets
  7. Keep the fast, arrange for the sehri and iftaar
  8. Julus-e-Mohamdadi should be held on the permitted paths in completely peaceful ways by the sagacious people
  9. If there is a hospital in the path of the Julus (procession), then there should not be any slogans, will be passing through the road in silence.
  10. Distribute flowers and sweets to the fellow human beings and give them the Prophet’s ‘message of mercy’ (paigham-e-rehmat).
  11. Notably, tri-colour Indian flags should be hoisted in each house; also be included in the procession.
  12. Celebration of Eid Miladunnabi through the dialogue with other faith traditions

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