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Syed Mohammad Ashraf: “Pursuing Education is not possible in an environment of fear and distrust”

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6 January, Mumbai

Sayyid Mohammad Ashraf Kichhawchawi, President of All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board and Chairman of World Sufi Forum, condemned the masked violence in the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University and said that those who masquerading as students in the University Campus, and were committing grave violence, should be arrested immediately. Pursing education is not possible in the vitiated atmosphere of fear and mistrust. National development is not possible without safe educational environments, he said.

He further said that it is certainly surprising to see so many armed people enter the university and the local security personnel does not stop them. What kind of atmosphere is this going to be?, he asked and asserted that if this continues, then people will not send out their children for education. How will India progress on the constructive educational lines then?, he asked.

He also said that there should be zero politics in the educational campuses, as education is the question of India’s future. All people will have to unite and try to stop such incidents, but if they do not stand in solidarity, then the development of the country will be hampered. We pray for the children and women who have been injured, and want to assure to the students that all peace-loving people of the country are standing with you. So, you need not be afraid, he assured.

We also appeal to the students of all universities to oppose any kind of violence in protests and if someone tries to do it among you, stop it immediately, as you are the future of the country and we are all with you. Trust the law and order of the country, there could be differences, but not the discrimination. This is the way to progress. So, do not get misled by anyone nor pay attention to rumors, he concluded.

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