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Ramzan truce in J&K: A risk worth taking due to lack of alternative initiatives?

WordForPeace.com Three to four days into the “cessation of operations” (COO) initiative in Jammu and Kashmir, it is under severe criticism from almost all quarters. The main objections appear to be from the security community, which is livid that the momentum of operations, put in place by Operation All Out, has been broken. Many less-informed people are joining in too. …

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Fasting: Devotion builds personal relationship with the Divine

WordForPeace.com By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi In Islam, all acts of devotion are aimed at enlightening one’s inner self to build a personal relationship with God. Every year, Ramadan comes as a one-month training course, that helps us develop a strong will to live a completely humane, spiritually inclined and God-conscious life. In fact, the sole purpose of fasting in Islam …

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Fasting: one purpose in myriad faith traditions


By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi In the true sense, one becomes a Sa’im or Rozadar (the one who keep fasts) only when he/she eschews all spiritual vices—hate, anger, jealousy, lying, cheating, backbiting and other evils. Merely engaging in a physical exercise of hunger and thirst without achieving this spiritual state, is not the end. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) categorically stated it: “Whoever …

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Ramadan Iftar Gathering Organised by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

o celebrate the over 400-year-old amity between the Hindu and Muslim communities in West Bengal’s Nabadwip, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Mayapur on Wednesday organised an Iftar party with elected Muslim panchayat members as its guests inside the temple premises. The event upholds the legacy of brotherhood between the two communities, the seeds of which were sown in …

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Tambourine in hand, a Christian wakes up Muslims for Ramadan

Michel Ayoub sees no contradiction in a Christian carrying out this traditional role and neither do local Muslims ichel Ayoub’s holy racket begins each day at 2am, when he steps into the cobbled streets of Acre’s old city with tambourine in hand, awakening Muslims for Ramadan. His role as the city’s “mesaharati” is a traditional one during the sacred fasting …

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How Joyfully Muslims of Kerala Celebrate Ramadan!

By Muhammed Abdul Bari, Word For Peace erala, a wonderful state in South India, covered by lush greenery, has a long tradition of Islamic culture and relations with Arabia, which is regarded the birthplace of Islam owing to the social and human activities led by Prophet Muhammed PBUH and his beloved companions. The companions of Prophet travelled to different parts …

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