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Delhi: Chand Bagh Muslims Protect Temple By Forming Human Chain

Word For Peace NEW DELHI: After three days of violence in northeast Delhi, the area’s residents gave a message of harmony and brotherhood by saving a temple from being vandalised. The incident was reported from Chand Bagh, one of the worst-affected areas, where an elderly man and several other local residents formed a human chain around a temple and saved it. …

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Scenes of Unity, Brotherhood & Tolerance Amid Delhi’s Recent Riots

Word For Peace Delhi Riots Delhi Riots also witnessed scenes of unity, brotherhood and tolerance as Hindus helped save many Muslims, Muslims formed human chains to save temples, Sikhs opened gurdwaras for muslims, Dalits patrolled the streets of Muslims areas. This is the real India, the tolerant once that Buddha, Mahavira, Nizamuddin Awliya, Amir Khusrau and Mahatma Gandhi envisaged. It …

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