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Mystic Mantra: Distress – Bliss or misery?

ByGhulam Rasool Dehlvi Any distress devoid of its spiritual dimensions is unhealthy. The Quran clearly states that the only rank that eventually matters is marked by the relationship that one has with God. A Sufi adage says: When one falls in love with the Divine, s/he goes through various forms of test, pain and suffering. Therefore, pain or distress was …

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The Things We Can Learn From Birds

Life is tough, and if you thought that the lives of animalswereany easier, you’re wrong. Natureitself brings a lot of challenges we all have to face – whether you’re human or not. But essentially, life is created in such a way so as to enable us towithstand the challengesand overcome the hardships they bring. If there’s one creature in nature …

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Nafs and its impulse

By Ghulam Rasool Dhelvi slam gives paramount importance to the proper functioning of nafs (soul). In Islamic terminology, the Arabic word nafs has been interpreted in two ways. First, it means ones complete self or existence, as is illustrated in this Quranic verse: And remember your Lord inside your nafs (self) (7:205). Second, it refers to a specific part of …

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