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Psychology of Sufism and the mind mastery of the Sufi


By hu Independent research Fellow Markaz Garden poonoor, calicut Spirituality is often viewed in terms of an individual’s personal experience of seeking the sacred in life and striving to connect with god (Thoreson &Harris, 2004) this connection may be in the form of divine peace, ultimate offerings to God and fulfilling the obligations towards other social beings. Sufism is a …

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Secularism in India and religio-politics of Bovine divinity


Suhail Hussain, WordForPeace.com Secularism in India marks a conjugation of many concepts and cultural identities of many sects which calls for a consensual democracy shares powers of its sub-culture. India celebrated its glory of democratic value as the largest democratic country in the world since its independence. “Unity in diversity”, individual liberty in believing any religion and practicing its rituals …

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