Terrorism, killings forbidden in Islam

Islamic scholars announce anti-militancy fatwa, dispel misconception about Islam
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Farid Uddin Masoud, chairman of Bangladesh Jamiyatul Ulama (BJU), speaking at a press briefing at the Dhaka Reporters Unity yesterday. Islamic scholars issued fatwas against militancy at the programme organised by the BJU. Photo: Star
After issuing a set of fatwas against militancy, a section of Islamic scholars yesterday stressed the need for reaching out their message to the masses to stop militancy and violence in the name of religion.

Bangladesh Jamiyatul Ulama (BJU), a national body of Islamic scholars, issued the fatwas through a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity, saying that those who were killing people in the name of religion were heading for hell.

The fatwas came in the wake of continued attacks on religious minorities, intellectuals and secular writers across the country. Such killings, mostly by hacking with machetes, have risen over the past few months.

Explaining their initiative, Farid Uddin Masoud, chairman of BJU, said it won’t be possible for only the law enforcement agencies to resist the criminals who are ready to kill themselves in the name of religion. The first thing needed is to dispel their misconception about Islam, he added.

Fatwas are more powerful than one lakh weapons and they will be able to curb terrorism largely, said Masoud, also the convenor of an 11-memebr panel of scholars.

He urged imams, ulemas, teachers, social workers, NGO workers and people with good conscience to spread out the edicts. We’ve to take stand unitedly against this [terrorism] to save ourselves.

Masoud, also the grand imam of the country’s largest Eid congregation at Sholakia of Kishoreganj, said it’s a matter of great regret that some criminals were spreading terror activities and panic in the name of Islam to serve their vested interest. But Islam never supports terrorism and thus it is illegal and forbidden in the religion.

Killing non-Muslims and carrying out attacks on churches or temples are heinous crimes, he added.

Killing of innocent people indiscriminately is not legal in Islam; killing of children, women, and old and weak people who don’t take part in a war is strictly prohibited in Islam, even during the war it’s not justified; killing people during prayers is a heinous and severe crime; whoever kills a believer intentionally, he will be in eternal hell in recompense; suicide and suicide killings are strictly forbidden in Islam. Even attending janazas of those who committed suicide has been forbidden in the religion, says the fatwas.

As Islam forbids terrorism and creation of panic, it could never be the way to go to heaven. This’ll absolutely lead terrorists to hell. Those who have been involved in acts of terrorism for going to heaven should apologise to the almighty and return to the path of Islam. Allah doesn’t like those who create chaos and violence, the edicts added.

Masoud said the fatwas will come up in the sermons in mosques. The Islamic scholars have planned to hold councils in districts, he added, urging all to spread the message through social media.

The BJU will assess the reactions from the society after a month, he said.

If one crore set of the edicts can be distributed across the country, the society and the country would be benefitted, he observed.

He called upon the rich people to come forward to contribute in this regard. He said the set of edicts would be sent to President Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the United Nations and the OIC.

A total of 1,01,850 Islamic clerics, including 9,320 women, signed the set of fatwas which have been prepared in light of the Quran and Hadith, Masoud said.

He noted that all the imams and ulemas were with them, except for those siding with militancy. Hefajat-e-Islam Secretary General Junaid Babunagari is among the signatories to the set of edicts.


Hefajat leader Babunagari at a press conference at Chittagong Press Club yesterday condemned the recent targeted killings across the country saying that such activities go against the spirit of Islam, reports our correspondent.

Citing a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SM), he said the person who oppresses and kills innocent people from religious minorities cannot even smell the fragrance of Jannah.

Those who are instigating communal activities are against the independence and sovereignty of the state, Babunagari said.

He demanded the government arrest and mete out punishment to the real culprits after proper investigation.

The Hefajat secretary general also demanded the government repeal the Education Policy 2010 and Education Act 2016, terming those anti-Islamic.

The Qawmi madrasa-based Islamist organisation in 2013 had raised 13-point demand, which included scrapping of anti-Islam women policy and education policy and making Islamic education mandatory from primary to higher secondary levels.


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