Thareeqath; a journey of spiritual stratification

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Islam is a divined religion. It is necessary for slaves to do what the lord said the lord almighty Allah ordered his slaves to do the obligatory and to avoid the forbidden   we are his slaves so we want to0 do as his orders this is way to triumph on the end. The main reason Allah created as to do services for him it will become on its perfection when we did it with presents of our mind with our body in that doings there is different methods quoted by Islamic scholars for performing  this worships with its perfection that is perform that worship as an implementation of the order of lord. Or perform it with mind almighty Allah still watching him this methods are united in the Ihsan.

The term Ihsan shows the interrelation of the love of god. And it defined by the prophet “it means performing the devotions as he got a sight to Allah if he never get that sight almighty is still watch and his doing the worship with Ihsan is a great way to reach towards almighty is our destination and the main gate to join to the Ihsan is Thareeqath” as the word of imam Shahrani “the purpose of great masters of Thareeqath is work to add the people in the path of Ihsan

Then what is mean by Thareeqath? As a nature of people they will do the guilt, with this his heart will become ugly .to purge this fin full heart the Thareeqath will help him. Imam Jurjani defined the Thareeqath:”it is the specialized path for the passengers with the aim to reach almighty, and it is creating him perfect person for the journey towards Allah

Relation of Shareeath, Thareeqath and Haqeeqath

The Shareeath, Thareeqath and Haqeeqath are correlated. The Shareeath is the reason or vehicle towards the almighty. Thareeqath is the path to make the journey and the Haqeeqath is the aim. The Islamic scholars point out an example for it. They teach the Shareeath is like a vessel thareeqath is the vast sea and the Haqeeqath is the pearl. From it they showed the relation that it any one decided to find out the pearl he wants to travel on the sea with a vessel.  And he wants to plunges in to the water and discovers the pearl. So this example states without Shareeath there is no Thareeqath   and without these he can’t reach the Haqeeqath. As like that if any one decided to reach towards almighty he wants to enter on the right path with doing right things. So when a person attains the Shareeath by doing the right things an avoiding the forbiddance as the order of almighty he can enter in the Thareeqath and he can achieve Haqeeqath that reach towards Allah. On the other hand Shareeath is the purification of the outside body and the Thareeqath is his inside. When he purges inside and outside of his body he will became perfect to reach towards almighty.

Shikh, a pioneer for aspirants

As the words of imam Gazzali” every person who decided to enter on the path of Haqq he must need a master”. Here the word indicating to the need of a master in Thareeqath. Every person who intent to defeat his destination [to reach Allah] he need a master to show him the right path. So the master is the person who has the knowledge skills and awareness to become the pioneer for his followers. It is not possible for anyone to be master of Thareeqath. There are some conditions to be a master.

The first one is knowledge. A master needs to be the endless sea of knowledge. He wants to be a skillful person for expedition with his own effort and knowledge.

Second condition of a master is he want to belong to the sequential relation with prophet (peace be upon him) in trough his mastership. It means his sequence in the mastership want to end on prophet and his master want to earn this path from who earned that path of prophets.

The third condition of master is that he wants to diminish the level of sleeping, chatting and eating process. He wants to conquer his body from such like inclinations and step out to the deepness devotion and spent his time to earn the clemency of almighty and to reach towards him.

The forth condition to be a master is to be united person of all beneficiations. It indicates he will put on the scorns for others benefit. The more conditions were pointed out by Islamic scholars on their kithabs. They added now, it is very difficult to find out the masters who accept these conditions in his life.


There are many types of Thareeqath. Some who engaged all of his life time on the teaching about the Islam, some who occupied on the worship for almighty? We can example Abdul Hassan Saarayi usaqathi (r) who occupied his life time for the devotion for Allah. In his life he was only carried twenty Dirham and lived years and years with spend it for his needs. Ones he said: I can price almighty more than five hundred times when I spend for eating food. So I avoid the food.

Some who entered to Thareeqath by assisting the poor with his own effort.


As master student is an important part of Thareeqath. A person studying under a master of Thareeqath and working as the words of master is the student. It is called a Mureed. The term Mureed defined as “who avoided his own perceptions researches in Islam and work under the master as his words to achieve the destination”. A student can become a real Mureed when he lives as per criterions of a Mureed. Here he counted some criterions

  • He should have the real convention in Ahlussunnathi Wal Jama’ath
  • He should live as per Quran and Sunnah
  • He should occupy with the faith and only say truth and grasp almighty’s orders in every doings.
  • He never make mistakes in his programmes and never engage with who make mistake.
  • He should give up all his inclinations and must stable the humility.
  • He should want to evade the jokes and useless talks from his life



Now here in this modern world people reached the upper most position in innovations. in this duplicate world they also descent the duplicate of Thareeqath. Mainly the fake face of the Thareeqath is forges by the two ways. By divesting from Thareeqath and creating a new fake one. Thareeqath is a vehicle towards almighty.  Who enter to it he can easily reach to the destination, but now this too difficult for the people to live under a Thareeqath. They are living as their inclinations. It is doubtful is their will any Thareeqath for next generation.


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