The glitzy thrive of science and technology has resulted in
the growth and spread of heavy splendid industries. Human
progress in now a day is measured in terms of industrial
potential and prosperity. But it is unfortunate that we have not
yet realized the obnoxious andhazardous evils of
industrialization due to unplanned growth and one sided view.
We resembles to those who are fascinated to a rose flower and
injured by the sharp pins just below it which they didn’t find.
To a flourished future we should have a sustainable
development which makes all the Indians at the pinnacle of
happiness from needy to millionaire,similarly by keeping
every creatures and resources safely.
Importance of industries in development of a country is
splendent. It is a proven fact that a country with strong
industrial sector has shown mind blowing economic growth,
improved national income and promoted living standard of
people. Industrialization has played an important role in
improving economic condition of various countries like India,
America etc. India has the fastest growing economy in the
world, As per central statistics organization (CSO) and IMF.
Creation of national income makes India great again and
again.Major advantages of industrial developments are
providing wide job opportunities , switching of rural village to
urban cities with increased life facilities. It also leads to allegation of poverty, creation of national income,promotes
international trade, using of natural resources,keeps economic
stability etc.
We should also keep in mind that varieties of killing
pollutions are increasing day by day. The main types of
pollution are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and
soil pollution. The most shocking fact behind it is that the
main root cause of all pollutions lies inside the industries. The
depletion of natural resourcesboth renewable and non-
renewable are listed below the pernicious effects of industries.
Global warming, Acid rain is also a product from the black
list of industries. The most hazardous effect of development
of industries in India is it gives birth to breathstucking
diseases such as silicosis,TB etc. The air raising from these
industries, and the waste water it extrudes, the noise it
divulges out totally pulverizes the life of all living biotic and
abiotic organisms.
We need the thriving of great India through industries.
We need to be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit country
to defend all who creates barrier in front of us.So we need
cunning rumination to enjoy the rose flower being safe from
sharp pins below it .it is the fact that India is the most
developing country in the world with the support of different
sectors of Industries, similarly we should be aware of the
contribution of India to the depletion of Ozone layer and
disturbing the ecosystem of earth.It leads to fizzling of earth.
For an Indian

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