The Entire Life Of The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) Is Synonymous With Peace, Harmony And Tranquillity

By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, Word for Peace

“If we take a cursory glance at the pre-Islamic Arabia before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we come to realise that the Arab society was nothing short of a cult of the perverts and autocrats. False pride in racism and tribalism was on their peak. Nothing was safe, secure or preserved, be it character of the men or the chastity of the women in Arabia. Evil emotions of vengeance and retaliation were rampant in the society. Women were treated like objects of pleasure and plunder in the public markets. Thus, the entire humanity had fallen in a pit of moral, ethical, spiritual and social vices. In such an age of complete darkness and ignorance, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent as epitome of mercy, enlightenment, education and spiritual and moral guidance in the desert of Arabia”.

These opinions were expressed by an Indian Islamic scholar, Maulana Abul A’as Hasan Misbahi in an event which is traditionally organised in the Islamic month of Rabiul Awwal, when the Propeht Muhammad (pbuh) was born. On this occasion, All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board, an apex body of Sufi Sunni Muslims in India organised a glorious event of Eid Miladun Nabi in its office held by its branch in Lucknow, Uttar Pardesh. The program was chaired by Syed Hammad Ashraf, General Secretary, All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board (UP).

In his address, Maulana Abul A’as Hasan Misbahi said that “the entire life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is synonymous with peace, harmony and tranquillity”. He continued: “The complete adherence to the teachings of the Prophet’s life will greatly help us transform the world into an abode of peace. At a time when the world at large is suffering the severe atrocities, chaos and disorder with all peace-making efforts going in vain, there is greater significance of the Prophet’s model of peace that can ensure safety and security in the modern world”.

This is how the spiritual teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) transformed an ‘era of ignorance’ into an ‘age of enlightenment’, Maulana said reiterating his point that even today if the Prophet’s legacy of peace and piety is adhered to, the present-day seekers of peace and solace will attain a great source of inspiration in his life. Much in the same way as in the Pre-Islamic Arabia, the modern world which is steeped in moral downfall, ethical degradation and spiritual vacuum, can be catapulted into a world of heavenly peace, delight and spiritual solace.

In keeping with its tradition, the Miladun Nabi event began with the recitation of the verses from the holy Qur’an. At the conclusion, Syed Hammad Ashraf, General Secretary, All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board (Uttar Pardesh) expressed vote of thanks to all the participants and audience. Some of the notable among them were Nayyar Azam, Janab Abu Bakr, Ramzan Ali, Usman Ali, Rauf Ahmad, Hamraz Ali.

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