The Khawaarij ideology will continue to appear until the last hour (part-1) Edit Desk

  The impact of the Khawaarij, which was the first sect to split from the Muslims, had far reaching effects. It encouraged many other rebellions to take place in history, even though in later cases they had different political reasons. A number of different sects evolved from the Khawaarij throughout history. They either gave themselves names or they were exposed by the righteous scholars of Islam in the past. Today they are known by various names and exist in all parts of the world. The righteous scholars of this day also expose them by their names and features. Some examples are the Jamat al Jihad wa Takfir wal Hijra, Ikwaan al Muslimon, GIA, Muhajiroon, Salafi youth for reform, among many others. Some do not even take names for fear of being imprisoned by the regimes, like followers of Abul Qatada and Abul Hamza al Misri, Faisal Abdullah and not forgetting Abu Muhammmad- the self acclaimed Khaleefah of the Muslis who resided in Luton and London, among other places. Their hallmarks are all the same, the call to excommunication of the Muslim leaders, and the promotion of Jihad as the most important Islamic call of today and the only real way to revive this declining Ummah.

The mere fact that Prophet Muhammad informed us that they would continue to appear up to the last hour is enough reason for us to believe it. The Prophet Prophesised in the famous Hadith of Dhul Khuwaisara “verily from the progeny of this man will be a people who will leave the religion as fast as an arrow leaves the bow” referring to the Khawaarij. Allah the most high and said “and he does not speak of his own desires the speak revelation revealed to him”. Therefore, as Muslims, we have faith in his prophecies believing ultimately the information came to us from our Lord. Also, Ibn Umar narrates from the messenger of Allah that: “they will continue to appear until the last of them joins the anti-Christ fighting against the Muslims and their leader.

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