The maxim of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, “Love for all, hate towards none” the only way to defeat the communal animosity 
Addressing the media, founder and chairman of All India ulema & mashaikh Board, Syed Asharaf Kichouchwi said that government should concentrate on providing education and livelihood to the needy people.
He said the nation wouldn’t progress until the energies of the youth are given proper direction. The progression of the nation would take place only when the youth are provided with better educational facilities and means of livelihood.
To the question of abolition of the Hajj subsidy, he said: “we welcome this move”. He added that the government is saying the amount of subsidy would be spent on the education of Muslim girls and if this happens, the poorer sections of the society would largely be benefitted.
He also said that “Democracy demands the government must work towards the interests of every citizen. One can achieve contentment only by treading on the path of honesty.”
He further said: it’s dangerous that the scale of unemployment is increasing by the day. Our youth are getting depressed and are being pushed towards the wrong paths and are treading the wrong path that results in the hike in the crime graph by the day.
Everyone should come forward to save this pious land of the Sufis and Saints which is at present burning up in the fires of hatred.
The maxim of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, “Love for all, hate towards none”, holds importance today because acting upon this is the only way to defeat the communal animosity, he said.

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