The Need For Interfaith Dialogue In America

By Faiyaz Jaffer

HTTP://WWW.AMRITAPURI.ORG/19012/14VATICAN.AUM In December 2014, faith leaders visited the Vatican to sign a historic declaration against modern slavery–more efforts like this need to be initiated in the United States in an effort to demonstrate unity.


As I wake up every morning, like probably most of us do, I reach over to my iPhone and begin to take a look at my emails and social networking apps, only to see them filled with images of war-torn children, news of bomb blasts, intense poverty and more violence. Due to how often our eyes bear witness to such images, we probably let out a brief sigh, then continue on with our day, using the images and news blurbs as talking points with our colleagues and families for the remainder of the morning.

Yesterday, we heard the news of the Yazidi teenager who set herself on fire to avoid rape by ISIS soldiers. Last week, we saw the image of Omran. How much more do we have to see in order to decide that it is vital to take even the smallest steps to work to eradicate such tragedies?

A quick survey of the socio-political circumstances across the world today demonstrate the need, that now, more than ever before, strides to shatter the veils of ignorance and intolerance are imperative. Amongst the major obstacles humanity is facing at this moment, and perhaps a cause for the experiences of the Yazidi teenager, and children like Omran, is religious intolerance; a disease that has inflicted every fabric of modern society. For history, religious minorities have been at the brunt of persecution, and this sentiment is echoed across the globe right nowBurma, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, Pakistan, China, under the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and too many other places that go without mention. The mounting pressures of persecution are from both governmental organizations, as well as non-state actorsand that is where WE step in.


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