The night of power: A bonanza from the god to believers

By Muhammed Shafeeq CM


We have indeed revealed this (Quran) in the night of power, and what will explain to thee what the night of power is? The night of power is better than thousand months. Therein come down the angels and the souk by Allah’s permission, on every errand. Peace! This is until the rise of dawn. [Surath 97, Al Qadr, verse 1-5] Lailatul-Qadr-ImportanceThe Lailthul qadr, also known as Shab-e-Qadr has an inevitable position among the holy minds of believers as the magnanimous revelation of Quran was happen during this night by angel Jibraeel (a.s). Its variously rendered in English as the night of power, the night of decree, the night of value, the night of Destiny and the night of measures. It is the night by which Allah decide the destiny, sustenance, birth and the death of a creature. He offers special mercy to the inhabitants of the earth by granting forgiveness and paradise. As per the Quranic verse this night is equal to thousand months which equates duration of 85 years and four months. The people often used to utilize this day maximum by offering extra prayers and supplications. The Ithikaf (retreat) is one of the charming ritual practice people intend to do in this night. This night is considered as one of the distinctive aspects of Ramadan. Aboo Huraira (r.a) narrated that prophet had said: whoever prays during the night of power, with faith and hoping for its reward will have all of his previous sins forgiven [Bhukari and Muslim]. Thus it is mandatory for the believers to recognize this night for the sake of God. the person who deprives himself from the blessings of the night of power, indeed has deprived himself of all good and none other than an ignored person is disadvantaged from such good [Ibn Majah].
As a part of psychological movement, Allah made prophet to forget the date of the night of power. But, according to Islamic holy scripts it is highly expected in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan. Once Aisha (A) authorized that prophet said: look for lailathul qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan. Messenger used to exert himself in devotion during the last nights to a greater extent than any other time (Muslim). It is highly narrated from eminent scholars about the night of power to be occurred on the 27th night, especially this year while it coincides with the holy day Ramadan. Imam Shafi (R.A) has the view that the night of power will be on the 21st night of Ramadan. Similarly, there are many scholars expounded the date of the night of power on different days of the last nights of Ramadan. Therefore it is important for the believer to be evolved in ritual practices during those days of Ramadan.
One of the most important aspects of the night of power is the revelation of holy Quran. The Quran was revealed in two phases. The first one was to the angel Jibrael in the lowest heaven during the night of power from the Louhul Mahfool (the preserved tablet). The second one is the subsequent verse by verse revelation to prophet Muhammad started in 610 CE at Hira cave on mount Nur in Mecca. As far ulamas concerned, the Quran recitation is one of the golden trials that want to be practiced by the Muslims for being succeeded by the night of power. As there are no special forms of worships narrated bu the scholars, people often tryto maximize the ritual practices that they are continuously doing on other nights. The Thasbeeh Namaz (a form of prayer include special remembering of the God) has got high relevance among the believers during those nights. Once Aisha (R) asked prophet: O messenger! If I know what night is the night of power, what should I say during it? The prophet replied:O Allah! You are pardoning and you love to pardon so pardon me.
It is highly believed that the angels descend upon the earth during this night and they will convey Selams (style of wish among Muslims) to the people. all those who are stationed by the Sidrathul Munthaha ( liter tree of the utmost boundary beyond which none can pass) descend with the angel Jibrael (A) to the earth and there remains no male or female believers whom they do not convey selams to, exempting the person who drinks liquor or consumes poems [Bhukari and Muslim]. Thus the most profound way to welcome those angels is to do ibadaths in the holy night of Ramadan.
In Kerala, the last ten days of Ramadan is well celebrated by supplications and ritual practices. Especially, the 27th night of ramalan witnesses the biggest mass congregation in India at Madin academy in the district Malppuram under the auspicious leadership of Sayyid Ibraheem Khaleel Ul Bhukari and Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed. It will be noticed by the media as it explores high participation of believers. As the Friday night coincides with the 27th night, the Madin academy is providing ultra facilities for the believers. The program will be inaugurated by the secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyathul Ulama, Sheikh Abdul Kadar Musliyar Ponmala. The program will be flourished with distinguished Dias like Khatmul Quran, Quran and Islamic history lectures, special supplications, Asmaul Badr and Burdha recitation. There will be a spiritual mood as the night illuminates large masses performing different types of prayers like Tharaveeh, Thasbeeh, Avabeen And vitr together that will build a mind of brotherhood in believers. The closing ceremony including Thouba, invocation and pledge proclaiming hatred against the emerging terrorism in the name of Islam will be led by the veteran scholar and Sayyid sheikh Ibraheem Khaleel Ul Bhukari Ullal..


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Muhammad Shafeeque is enrolled in a special intensive course in classical Islamic studies from Madeenathunnoor College of Islamic Science, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. His areas of interest are Quranic science, translation, theology, jurisprudence, and contemporary Islamic though

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