The Rawda mosque attack in Egypt is not just an aggression against the Egyptian people, but an infringement against universal values of Islam Correspondent 

An apex body of Sufi-Sunni Muslims in India, All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) condemned the recent brutal attacks in Egypt. AIUMB founder-president, Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi said, “The recent attack in an Egyptian mosque showed an obnoxious picture of the violent extremists wantonly killing and terrorizing innocent civilians, particularly the faithful and spiritual Muslims”. He further said: “It was not only an attack on a Mosque but on but a reminder to call a spade a spade”. “The brutality in the wanton killing of worshippers in the Egyptian mosque is a clear indication of rapidly rising threat of the Salafist extremism in the Middle East. It is a direct result of ISIS terrorists returning from Syria with mindless violence motivated by a dangerous ideology of intolerance and wanton killing”. “It is about time to take cognizance of the extremist ideology that the ISIS and its entire ilk adhere to,” he said.

Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi further said that “the Rawda mosque attack is not just an aggression against the people of Egypt, but this is an infringement against the universal values of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It was the holy Prophet who set examples centuries ago by building mosques as centers of peace and harmony. He taught Muslims to be the most compassionate towards those in the places of worship—Muslims and non-Muslims alike. But the ISIS aims at completely run down the Prophetic traditions and universal and egalitarian Islamic values.”

On Friday, terrorists killed the Muslim worshipers in the Rawda mosque in Egypt’s sparsely-populated Peninsula, Sinai with a shocking escalation in the carnage, with Egyptian officials reporting 305 dead until now. Notably, the mosque belongs to a Sufi order whose followers is regarded by the extremist Islamists as apostates because they venerate the Sufi mystics and visit their shrines. Sufis in Egypt like anywhere else are generally tender at the heart of their worldviews.

All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board founder-president continued: “With a unanimous opinion endorsed by the mainstream Islamic scholars and thinkers, it is patently clear now that ISIS is a bunch of radical hyenas with an inhuman, brazenly anti-Islamic hardcore ideology. They are a murderous cult with no place in modern society. It’s about time to completely run down the hate-driven understandings of Islam as pioneered by the ISIS today, before it kills more innocent lives.”

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