The garden city of India Bangalore is going to witness the ever best spiritual conference in ‘the state with different worlds’ Karnataka as 5th Grand Roohani Ijtima celebration at Qudhoos saheb Eid gah on 24th eve of Ramadan. It was initiated with an intention of generating input for BSMS (Bangalore Sunni Muslim welfare society) and a uniting point for both Shafi and Hanafi people with intellectual leadership of dexterous Shiekh Aboobacker and Alsayyid  Khaleel Bukhari in 2014. Later with the grand blessings of Almighty it turned to the largest spell binding spiritual conference in the history of Karnataka with the veracious unity of Shafi and Hanafi people. They combine together to form a lactiferous spiritual scenario with about lakhs of presents commenced with grand Ifthar and concludes with fulgent Sahri. They create a full night with dedication of countless Thahleel, thousands of Yaseen recitation, Thousands of Khathmul Quran and a stage of expressing the ultimate love to ‘the mercy for the whole world’ prophet Muhammad the messenger of the Omnipotent with melodious nasheeda soulful madh songs and lucid speeches and pragmatic prayer by dragoman Al sayyid Badrussadath Khaleel Al bukhari just before grand Sahri.

The Assiduous and Intellectual leadership

We are blessed with great Intellectual leaders to lead us to the path of Almighty through spectacular and effective leadership by scholars such as Sulthanul Ulema Sheikh Aboobacker, Badrussadath Sayyid Khaleel Albukhari, and Sheikh Thanveer Hashimi with mind-blowing support of Anver Shareef,Qader Haj and many other veracious believers. Sheikh Aboobacker is one of the prominent Islamic leaders of the world; he had built more than 3000 Masjids all over India with spectacular and innovative leadership quality. Similarly Sayyid Khaleel Al Bukhari leads many grand Islamic conference in and out of India with his outstanding leadership for Muslim and non Muslim community all over the world. Thanveer Hashimi is one of the prominent leaders to torch Muslims in Karnataka to the lucifugous light of Almighty. Let us praise the almighty for blessing us with intellectual leaders to torch us to be a real Muslim.

The Mighty Unity

Grand Roohani Ijtima   is the first grand program in the history of Karnataka which is being conducted by joining hands of Shafi and Hanafi people. As the Karnataka Muslims are dominated by inhabitant Hanafi people with delighted Urdu programs and Shafiyy people stepping Islamic gatherings  with the support of Hanafiyy, whom are blessed with powerful leaders  come together to form a scenario filled with the remembrance of Almighty and his Prophet Muhammad. The Dias of Grand Roohani Ijtima  proclaims the unity between Shafiyy and Hanafiyy through the spiritual joining hands of leaders from Shafiyy people in Kerala and Hanafiyy leaders from Karnataka and outside. They step forward with the power of unity to Almighty with plenty of united Islamic Activities. They create enormous number of good deeds to dedicate to Almighty.

The glitzy bloom in gloomy Bangalore

The period of Grand Roohani Ijtima   is generally said to be in dusk 4pm to dawn 4am. Many true believers will present in the ground of Grand Roohani Ijtima   with an intention of inner and outer purifying and participate in the grand Ifthar session. The united power of Shafiyy and Hanafiyy peoples proclaims the power of Islamic brotherhood. Everyone pose to break their holy fast with the piece of dates.

Then the Roohani Ijthima moves to the lines of love by Imam Busoori and respectfully reci tes the holy name of Islamic diligent warriors of Badr and remembers the history of Islam. The grand gathering will enjoy the feeling being loved and blessed by Almighty with the words of inspiring leaders. The united Islamic and social leaders come together to frame a wide gate of blessings from ALLAH. The night beauty of Bangalore explores the hidden Islamic spiritualism in Bangalore.  The tranquility of night Bangalore will be broken with melodious Islamic voice of spiritualism. It is a full night with dedication of countless Thahleel, thousands of Yaseen recitation, Thousands of Khathmul Quran and expression of the ultimate love to the’ mercy for the whole world’ prophet Muhammed the messenger of the Omnipotent with melodious Nasheedas, soulful Madh songs etc. The veracious believers in Bangalore enjoy the taste of Islamic spiritualism through the words of Islamic Scholars. The great gathering turns to the ocean of tears with soulful repentance at the midnight lead by Alsayyid, the believers purify their mind as well as body in the mid night of Ramzan by raising hands of repentance and expectation towards magnanimous ALLAH.  The gloomy atmosphere of Bangalore blooms with the splendid light of Swalath Nagar and dance with the tunes of it.

Backlash of Grand Roohani Ijtima

The Grand Roohani Ijtima extremely stands as an innocuous barrier for Karnataka from the dreadful and calamitous punishments from The Great Punisher. This night of Grand Roohani Ijtima   is likely an Eid for all Muslims in Karnataka. The believers will get out of the steps of Grand Roohani Ijtima   with spiritual and enjoyable drizzles in the mind. The elate feeling of a veracious believer who completed Islamic pilgrimage is the epitome of believers walking away after the grand sahri. The obscurity which had in the minds of believers is taken out by the spiritual power of Grand Roohani Ijtima. The believers wish to have the mind of Grand Roohani Ijtima   in all walks of life in order to attain satisfaction from Almighty and his beloved messenger. It is paramount to be paragon in all walks of life of veracious believer. So it is not hard for a person who had participated in Grand Roohani Ijtima .It is only possible through ratifying the words our diligent leaders not rectifying, so gather to enjoy spiritualism of Islam from the garden city.



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