Islam is a noble ideology which considers the concept of Mercy as an integral part of it.The idea of sufism, also termed as “Tasawwuf”,is a tradition which practiced by Islamic mystics and pious religious figures throughout the ages.As they devoted themselves to realise the true message of salvation embedded in the Quran and prophetic teachings.The Religion of Islam which attained it’s paramountcy through prophet Muhammad(s) cares about each and every walk of human life.In short,It encompasses the whole world.
In this postmodern era the people in the world has been realising the treasures of knowledge delivered so far by great scholars of Islam. Islam has a mystical aspect as well it is characterized by great values, virtuous practices,doctrine etc…which predominantly exists in Islamic history.To elaborate,the Sufi scholars of all time don’t have to be afraid of or to be grieve by any wordly  matters.They will only have to rely on the “Thaqwa”(lead and obey the life of Islamic modesty)and they can ensure happiness in this world and hereafter.In this way Quran acquaint the Sufi scholars as one who has been much favoured by Allah and in vice versa.As messenger’s of almighty Allah blessed with divine gift of “Mu’jizath” the so called pious Sufi scholars are accomplished with “Karamath” -the saintly power.Apart from the devout life of self-sacrifice they, very actively, get involved in social life of people. As a subsequent result of this millions of people embarrassed the holy faith of Islam by witnessing the charismatic life of those Sufi scholars


Mamburam maqam- the shrine of Mamburam Thangal is located near ‘Thirurangadi’ This maqam was built over the holy grave of Sayyed Hussain ibnu- Alavi al- Jifri Thangal.Who was popularly know as Mamburam thangal. He reached Kerala from Thareem in Yemen about two centuries ago.He staunchly opposed the societal disparities of his own time. But history honours Him not only as a spiritual leader of Malabar but also a social reformer and freedom fighter.when his uncle Sayyed Hussain jifri and  Sheikh jifri left out to Malabar for the sake of propagation and influenced the native people of Malabar in a short period of time . Afterwards Sayyed set to the western coast of Malabar by ship when he was only seventeen years old and reached in Calicut.later he settled in Mamburam.In that place he made revolution and people’s found shelter in him.His pious path was attracted by followers of various sects of religion and they came after him for advice.It was part of Mercy&charity which were taught by Islam.He built a knowledge centre at Mamburam in his early period of settlement in Malabar.After a meaningful life of scholarly engagement and social renovation the Sheikh passed away in the month of shahban.Later on,his shrine transformed as an important pilgrim centre of South India.

Quthubul Alam also known as CM valiyullah was a Sufi scholar and one of the greatest Islamic scholar in South India.He was born at Madavoor with so many “Karamath”.After a few years in 1962 he went to Mecca for holy hajj and according to him it was the turning point of his life. He emphasized the inevitability of prayers and meditation throughout his life. He visited the great centre of Islamic culture and also learned the importance of tradition in Islam.He became popular and renowned across south India and people came to his place,Madavoor for advice and life engineering.The great Sunni scholar of contemporary India Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmed has kept close relationship with CM Valiyullah.He sought CM.Valiyullah’s guidance in deciding the apt location for his dream project of educational innovation,the Markaz.By the blessings and noble insights of CM Valiyullah,Sheikh Aboobaker Ahmed acquired the present plot for the Markazzussaqafathissunniya. Now,markaz emerged into global recognition.It is obvious that,his “Karamath”was attracted by wide range of people of his time.After a pious life of six decades the noble scholar passed away with enduring legacy. His holy mazar is situated now on Madavoor.It is the most prominent ziyara centre in South India.

Written by.Muzammil Sirajudeen Manappally (Markaz al munawara manappally)

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