The Sufi tale of Travancore; the peaceful way of Islam’s spread over the Southern India


About 5 centuries ago a lady with spiritual reputation, nick-named Beema beevi,  lived in Madina, the city of the beloved prophet.  She belonged to the powerful kuraishi clan. She was a lady renowned for many magical powers as she could solve many problems that many of her fellow people faced. Meanwhile, she wanted to get married. A rich young man with inner purity was the person who got the chance to marry her.  They together practiced looking after weak and patients who were wanted to get spiritual healing. Thus, years were passed by.  During these years, a baby was born to them. He was named Maheen Aboobakkar. From childhood onwards, Maheen always tended to practice the Islamic way of life. Maheen left his birth place for Higher studies. After few years the husband of Beema beevi passed away. While living with her son, she taught him almost all the important lessons of Islamic creed and jurisprudence. After many years, they together started to practice looking after the patients. Once she saw in a dream she going to India where people of India badly needed her. They set to begin their journey to India.  After crossing all the mountains, rivers and deeply forested areas, they finally reached the south Indian province of The. They settled there and started to practice the way they were already familiar with while living in Madina. Slowly, peoples in different parts of India, irrespective of their caste and religion, started to come there and visit them for getting relieved from many physical and spiritual diseases they were suffering from. Gradually, Islam was spread over there by the harmonious conversations and dialogues. Gradually, Muslim population increased. Unfortunately the king of Thiruvidamkoor didn’t​ like it though.The soldiers of the king threatened them, initially,  and warned them on practicing the Islam there. It was merely due to the fear of the king regarding the growth of Islam and increasing strength of Muslims. At one instance two soldiers came  there and warned them seriously. Maheen came to know this and reacted to them firmly by force. It lead to the death of a soldier. This incident made crucial chaos in the locality. As a result, the king proclaimed war against Muslims. Maheen faced​ the situation much bravely. He stood firm during the course of the war. When the war began the powerful  muslim block fought to defend the right practice and profess the religion. Thus they failed to do anything substantial against the peaceful growth of Muslims . The enemies realized the fact  that they can’t defeat Muslims through fair means. Consequently, they planned to act through treacherous plans.  One of the soldiers astutely came behind Maheen (r) silently and killed him. When Maheen (r) was passed away from this world,  Muslims were being  defeated, since they lost their leader.  Beema beevi also came to know the bad news of her beloved son. She reacted to this with very unsurmountable amount of sadness and went into depression.  Aftet this deep wound, she was fallen to death .After centuries too, people come near them for getting relief from  both material and spiritual problems. And when we enter there we feel indebted to them for the growth of Islam by peaceful means.


Shuhaib T is enrolled in the intensive programme on traditional Islam and classical Islamic literature at Markaz Almunawwara, Manappally, Kerala. He is a writer and speaker interested in Sufism and Sufi conversations


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