The Takfiri extremist indoctrination (part-4)

Compiled by Edit Desk

What is the Takfiri extremist indoctrination?

Many contemporary Takfiri extremists were indoctrinated by so called “scholars’ of Islam in Peshawar and Afghanistan, like Abdullah Azzam, and even more contemporary Abu Hamza al Misri, Abu Qatada al Filisteeni; the latter two resided in UK and have actively propagated extremist ideas. They are now under arrest in Great Britain. There were a number of other so called ‘scholars’ in Afghanistan indoctrinating the fighters with emotional speeches criticizing the Arab leaders of the world.

 These scholars carried the ideology of ‘Jamat ul Jihad wa Takfeer wal Hijrah’ they believed in excommunicating all the Muslim rulers of the world from Islam, this is commonly known in Arabic as ‘Takfeer’. Some of foreign mujahideen who were influenced by these ‘scholars’ carried this corrupt ideology back to their countries and spread it. The Muslim belief is that no one has the right to judge by any law other than the law of Allah’s law, such as secularist or communist, then this is an act which takes him outside the fold of Islam and he is excommunicated according to the contemporary group Jamat ul Jihad wa Takfeer wal Hijrah without any further discussion or excuses!

This subject of judgment by Allah’s law is often referred to as ‘Hakimiyah’ or divine legislation. The takfiri groups believed that the Islamic Shari’ah is the only law which Muslims are allowed to be governed and rule by. They made no distinction between the one who judged or supported the secularist law because of weakness, being forced, worldly gain, following of desires, or even misunderstanding while maintaining that the Islamic law is supreme and must be adhered to and the one who judges or supports secular law because he loves it, deems it superior to Islamic law, or believes he has a choice in the matter or what to rule by.

The distinction is that the latter are excommunicated from the religion or Muslim community by consensus of all the Muslim scholars. As for the former then they are not excommunicated from the religion, they are deemed sinful upon major sin according to the correct opinion.

But the Takfiri extremists make no distinction and have excommunicated all and sundry from the religion, whoever judged or supported the secularist law for whatever reason. The group Jamat ul Jihad wa Takfeer wal Hijrah had pronounced the Egyptian regime and all its supporters and helpers and executors of its law and order and disbelievers. Therefore, the Government, military, police, judges, those who worked in the courts, all civil servants, and anyone who supported these categories of people were all labelled non-Muslims. Even their wives and children and anyone who defended them were excommunicated. This religious perversion naturally led them to their extreme views and actions.

These Takfiri principles are responsible for the carrying out of hideous crimes and horrible killings and massacres of innocent Muslims and non-Muslims in the world today. This is exactly what the Khawaarij did and they too held the same principles. They even killed a companion of the Prophet Abdullah bin Khabaab and his wife who was pregnant and they killed her unborn child. The wanted to excommunicate the Muslims fighting against them, and then take their women and booty from the battle of the camle in which Aeysha, the Prophet’s wife, took part. This was also one of their disputes against ‘Ali because he prohibited them from this following the Haditj: “verily your blood, your wealth and your honour are sacred like the sacredness of this place (Mecca), like the sacredness of this day (Afarah), like the sacredness of this month (Hajj)”.

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