The Takfiri extremists misinterpret Surah al Ma’idah’s verse 44 in the Qur’an (part-5)

Compiled by Edit Desk

Theologically, the contemporary takfiris went astray in interpreting the verse in the Qur’an (Surah al Ma’idah verse 44) literally without looking into the explanation of it. It states: “and whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed then they are the disbelievers”.

Thus, the Takfiris claim that Allah has excommunicated the rulers in democratic, liberal and ‘un-Islamic’ countries for not judging by His book (law).

This implies that all the Muslim and non-Muslim leaders of the democratic nations are ‘disbelievers’ because they do not judge by what Allah has revealed.

Allah said in another verse in Surah al Ma’idah (verse 51): “…and whoever from amongst you turns towards them then they are indeed from among them…”

This last verse is often quoter in their justification to prove that all those who worked for, supported or defended the ‘disbelieving’ Muslim or non-Muslim leaders are themselves disbelievers. One can clearly see the similarity between them and the Khawaarij’s claim.

Refuting this false understanding and misinterpretation of the above verse, I argue that in the Qur’an and the authentic ahadith, there are a number of texts which use the words ‘if one does “x” he has disbelieved or is a disbeliever’, however, this does not always mean that the individual will literally be excommunicated from the religion.

In some cases, such texts mean that he/she has fallen into a major sin. For example, consider this hadith in Saheeh Muslim: “speaking ill of a Muslim is sin, and fighting him is disbelief”.

This hadith does not mean the one who fights a Muslim is excommunicated or expelled from the religion of Islam, because there is a verse in Surah al Hujurat: “if two believing parties fight each other, then fix the affairs between them”. In this verse, Allah refers to the fighting parties as ‘believers’.

This clearly implies that the meaning of the aforementioned hadith is not disbelief which excommunicates. Rather it is a major sin.

Similarly, the verse of Surah al Ma’idah “and whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed than they are the disbelievers” is being misinterpreted by the Takfiris today. Here, the word kafir does mean ‘disbeliever’ but rather just a sinner who is not excommunicated from the society or religion.


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