Thoughtful Quotations of Great Sufis

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Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti (R.A)

  • A seer of the ‘essence of things’ is characteristically mute and meditative.
  • He is the knower of the path of love (of God) who relinquishes a attachment to both the worlds.
  • Realization of God comes to him who keeps vigilance and forgets recollection of self.
  • The more one learns about the ‘essence of things’ the more one wonders.
  • God rains misfortune and misery upon the heads of those whom He loves.


Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia(R.A)


  • Forgive the person who has committed a wrong and thus eliminate your anger.
  • Spiritual control and sobriety (sahu) is superior to (spiritual) intoxication (sukr).
  • A miracle is like a screen which obscures the reality from view.
  • Food should not be taken alone.
  • Real pleasure lies not in accumulation but in the distribution of wealth.
  • Fasting is half the prayer, the other half is patience.
  • Love of God and love of materialism cannot subsist in one heart.
  • One who serves becomes the master.
  • Dishonest dealings lead to destruction of cities.
  • Self-criticism and quarrel with one’s own self is better than seventy years of prayer.


Nasiruddin Chiragh Dehlvi (R.A)

  • Strive to imitate the 99 Attributes of God. The one who emulates these virtues in his dealings understands the Divine significance of life.
  • Subject the ego (nafs) to self-mortification – eat less, sleep less, avoid company and keep your hearts busy in dhikr (remembrance of God).


Baba Fareed Ganjshakar (R.A)


  • Do not regard the ignorant as alive.
  • Do not forget death at any place.
  • Consider good health a blessing.
  • Whenever an evil befalls you, consider it a punishment of your sins.
  • Keep your internal self better than the external self.


Syed Ashraf Jahangir Semnani (R.A)

  • Do not view anyone with contempt, for the friends of God are often hidden.
  • The enlightened should see manifestation of the Glory of God in all creation.
  • The censured one is he who neither discloses the good, nor hides the evil.
  • He who does not take to rigours and ascetic practices will not acquire the wealth of vision.
  • Sainthood means that an individual continues to exist after annihilation and is endowed with purity and serenity.


Bahauddin Naqshbandi (R.A)

  • I asked one of the top most spiritualists “What is Dervishhood? He replied: “Degredation and Hardship.”
  • Reality in the true sense is attainable after annihilation (fana). As long as creature hood (Bashariat) overwhelms, it cannot be achieved.
  • Someone asked: “Where does your Sufi order arrive? “He said: “Through the Sufi order (silsila) no one can arrive anywhere.”


Ali Hujwiri Data Ganj Bakhsh (R.A)

  • God alone can help a man to do good deeds.
  • In our time the science of Sufism is desolate.
  • Blind conformity had taken the place of spiritual enthusiasm.
  • Knowledge without action is not knowledge
  • Every good and evil that happens to man is decreed by God.


Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A)

  • He, who is perfect does not expose the secret of the Friend.
  • When the dervish becomes perfect, whatever he wills that happens.
  • Sainthood is not a pleasure, but implies embroilment in the troubles of the world.
  • The manifestation of supernatural powers will deprive one of the remaining stages of life.
  • Whatever pleasure there is in music, is not contained in any other thing and that such a condition cannot be attained without music.
  • Abul Hasan Sari Saqti (R.A)
  • The genuine mystic dwells in the state of unity.
  • The worst punishment from God is the separation from Him.
  • The Gnostic attains peace after annihilating himself in Him.
  • To meet people with hypocrisy separates one from God.
  • I wish that the sorrow of all mankind would be thrown upon me.


Shams Tabrezi (R.A)

  • A good man complains of no one; he does not look to faults.
  • What’s a shaykh? Being. What’s a disciple? Non-existence. Until a disciple ceases to exist, he is not a disciple.
  • Joy is like pure clear water; wherever it flows, wondrous blossoms grow…Sorrow is like a black flood; wherever it flows it wilts the blossoms.
  • Rabia Basri (R.A)
  • I have served my God only for the love of Him and out of desire for.
  • What He (God) wills, we should also will.

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