Three Things To Attain Salvation in This World And Hereafter

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The Islamic sages and Sufi mystics used to advise each other with Three Things To Attain Salvation in This World And Hereafter:

– Imprisonment of tongue (keeping it in control)Three Things To Attain Salvation in This World And Hereafter

– Abundance of Istighfar (seeking forgiveness in plenty)

– And (being) alone

Malik bin Dinar Says:

Point to Ponder

All these three matters are extremely important for the success in Dunya as well as in Aakhirah,
therefore the pious ones analysed them ,pondered upon them and found the key to success which are these three matters.

One often utters such things intentionally or unintentionally which are disapproved by Allah swt thus one lands into trouble .

Abu Bakr (rz) was once seen holding his tongue and saying that:
“Many times you put me in trouble !!”

So if he the blessed companion of Prophet s.a.w was so concerned about the tongue then how much careful and cautious we must be of it?

The best solution is to use it less which indeed is quite difficult.

2. Istighfar/Seeking repentance :However hard we may try yet we err and slip and thus need to repent as much as possible so that the sins and mistakes are erased here instead of carrying this burden in Aakhirah!

3. Being alone:Too much of intermingling with people leads to recklessness and one gets involved in many useless things thus pushing aside the seriousness about Aakhirah.

The company one keeps really has an impact on one’s thoughts therefore either one should be with Saleheen or better to be alone and some quiet moments are important to be connected to Allah swt .

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