Time For Indian Society To Wake up

By Syed Viqaruddin from Kuwait, for Word for Peace

Time For Indian Society To Wake upI am not sure whether India is turning intolerant or Indian outlook is slowly starting to change. Going by the amount of unprecedented violence in the country in recent times, I cannot help but think where our society is heading.I cannot help but recall the series of violence that have shook the society, yet failed to wake us from our deep slumber.

Starting with the brutal killing of Pune techie, MohsinSadiq by HRS activists, events in the country took a dangerous trend. The other day right wing activists in Mumbai assaulted and severely injured a Muslim police officer and even tried to shave off his beard.
Street justice and mob lynching in India was far and less heard-of. The lynching of Akhlaq in UP and Syed Farid Khan (son of ex-service man and brother of Kargil Martyr) in Nagaland, by mob, both of whom were later found to be innocent, makes me think otherwise. Cold-blooded murder of Sahitya Award winner MM Kulburgifor his rationalist views on idol worshipand threats to other like-minded people is another blot on our nation.

Suicide of Rohit Vemmula does not do any good to countrys repute either. Kanhaiyya Lals arrest and subsequent attacks on him only cements the discrimination meted out to Dalits in the country even today. The less we say about his unethical media trail, sedition charges, and anti-national label, the better.

The new way of demanding reservation, as displayed in Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh, and Haryana has defined a new template to get your demands accepted by the government. One wonders if future protests in the country would have their share of riot and arson.

Regrettably, countless hate speeches by elected members of Parliament go without any reprimand. Uttar Pradesh, the largest and one of the most culturally diverse states in the country, is now always on the boil to such an extent that even a minor scuffle leads to a full-blown communal riot.

When so much mess in the country exists, then why should Journalism stay behind? Quite literally, journalists, News TV anchors in particular, are leading from the front. Loud mouth, or should I say Motor mouth. News channels are running media trails and delivering justice even before the case comes in the court of law. This trend must be nipped in the bud before it becomes another menace.

While writing this piece, I took a moment to read disturbing news items. Tribal activists and APP leader Soni Sori, was attacked by unknown assailants with brunt lubricant grease. The attack left her face and eyes burnt. Whoever did it are anything but MAN. It takes more than just to be a man to attack a woman.

Phew! The list is unfortunately endless. These are not mere law and order issues. There are sinister plans designed to alter mindset of the society. Hope the Indian society collectively takes note of these incidents and defeats the forces behind, as we have always done in the past. May the goodwill prevail!

Based in Kuwait, Syed Viqaruddin is a Technical Writer and he loves to write in a concise, yet precise style.

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